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主机资源 的英文

  • host resource
  • The exception that is thrown when a denied host resource is detected
  • Notice that , in the case of remote host resource , no check is performed to see that connect permissions exist
  • Class with a specified error message , the protected host resources , and the host resources that caused the exception to be thrown
  • At the end of this paper , we give out the whole implement of this system , it can be used to monitor the resources of the campus network to give a good support to coordinate use of campus network ' s distributed resources system
  • It is composed of two aspects : first , it uses the java sandbox to control the access of host resource , thus it can prevent the host resource from being accessed by agents without authority ; second , it adopts a authentication based mobile agent transfer protocol to control the transfer of agents in order to refuse the transfer request of invalid agent . thus , it can guarantee that the agent running in the host is valid , in other words , it avoids performing the illegal agent in the host . further more , it can be sure that the agent status data have n ' t been tampered or replaced in the course of transfer
  • This article first analyzes a paradoxical phenomenon that is predominant in campus lan settings where there is a large amount of idle cpu cycles available while at the same time the computing needs from many researchers ca n ' t be met . it proposes an idea of setting up a campus computing grid with a detailed plan for its implementation , discusses the challenges of upscaling a campus computing grid into an internet computing grid and suggests possible solutions . gram ( grid resource allocation manager ) of globus toolkit 3 . 2 and relative technology on it is studied , and the solutions to extend gram to support task rescheduling and the cooperation type task are proposed . the design and implement of the gram client based on web that is the kernel part of the task anagement module are discussed , and the design of resource discovery module and task transfer module are gived
    本文首先分析了校园网环境中存在大量计算资源闲置与科研人员科学计算需要得不到满足之间的矛盾,给出了建立校园计算网格的构想及具体的设计方案,并提出了校园计算网格推广到internet计算网格存在的问题及解决方案;研究了globustoolkit3 . 2中的资源分配管理器gram及其相关技术,并给出了扩展gram对任务再调度和协作型任务支持的解决方案;设计实现了校园计算网格中任务管理模块的核心部分基于web的gram客户端,并介绍了资源发现与任务迁移模块的设计;然后在分析min - min调度算法基础上,借鉴qosguidedmin - min算法的思想,并利用主机资源分类的思想,给出了在负载平衡和时间跨度都有较大改善的balance - qosguidedmin - min算法模型的思想与实现;最后设计实现了调度算法验证模块,并在此模块上对比了改进的算法balance - qosguidedmin - min与min - min算法的调度性能。
  • Universal serial bus ( usb ) was first aimed at the shortcoming of traditional pc bus . usb has been used widely in data exchange and storage of pc peripheral and mobile fields because of its characteristics of relative high speed , supporting of “ plug and play ” , relative less requirement of resources
    通用串行总线usb ( universalserialbus )的提出最初是为了解决pc上传统总线的不足,因其速度快、支持热插拔、占用主机资源少等优点广泛应用于pc外设和移动数据交换与存储。
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