商业机械 的英文

  • business machinery
  • commercial production machinery
  • 例句与用法
  • You may be well suited to work in law enforcement , the military , industrial engineering , or conservation
  • I have known your company has been a standard in the field of business machine and i have followed its developments with keen appreciation
  • It had been found in 1958 , it is developed from a small factory owning a few workers to a large - scale state enterprise in food - machine industry . this paper , in a form of case , described the growth course of the factory , and detailedly introduced how the factory did in products developing , becoming many - faceted , operating face , international market etc . and the paper also introduced the key problems behind the factory " s success that restricted it much developing again
  • During the analysis of the case , the paper begin with the analysis of the food - machine industry market in china and word , the development of the market , the opportunity and challenge facing after wto ; then it analyzed the factory " s strength , weakness , opportunity , threat and presented the ways and principles of creating strategy framework ; finally , it analyzed the successful aspects and the problems of the factory employing learned management theories and proposed corresponding countermeasures
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