商业网点 的英文

  • commodity network
  • network of trading establishments
  • trade network
  • 例句与用法
  • Provides traffic , investment , facility , and company information
  • Commodity network and facility
  • By the end of 1995 , there was a total of 280 , 000 retail stores of various sizes , of which 980 were chain stores
  • The 5th chart induces the layout of business points and questions the moulds of planning
  • The 2148 retail stores and 285 restaurants distributes over suzhou s villages and towns realized sales of rmb 12 . 109 billion in 1994
  • The full equipment of commerce net around hotel , like bank , supermarket , etc . it s convenient for you to travel , talk business and take holiday in amoy
  • It ' s on the crossing of zhong shan road 4 which layouts the first subway line and famous brand shops and beijing road which is a prosperity business district
  • Presently the number of commercial structure is sufficient in each great and middling city in our country . the government emphasize on enhancing diathesis on market and more boost up radiation and attraction
  • So the dreamlike metro train travels at the average speed of 35 kilometers an hour , passing through the central downtown area of guangzhou where the most population in guangzhou are densely inhabited , the traffic is the busiest and the commercial outlets are highly concentrated
  • The hotel has a prime location right in the core of dongguan city , with convenient finance , commerce and transportation facilities . it is 50 km from huangtian airport of shenzhen in the south , 60 km from baiyun airport of guangzhou in the north , 30 km from changping railway station , 30 km from hongkong - macao dock of humen . there are several luxurious shuttle buses between the hotel and hongkong every day
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