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小 包 顺 序 号 的英文

"小 包 顺 序 号"怎么读
  • packet sequence number
  • "小"英文翻译    small; little; petty; minor
  • "包"英文翻译    wrap
  • "顺"英文翻译    in the same direction as; wi ...
  • "序"英文翻译    order; sequence
  • "号"英文翻译    howl; yell
  • "小 包 传 输"英文翻译    packet transmission
  • "序"英文翻译    Ⅰ名词1.(次序) order; sequence 程序 procedure; 井然有序 in perfect order; 顺序 sequence; 以年代为序 in chronological sequence [order]; 以字母为序 in alphabetical sequence [order]2.(序文) preface 原序 the original preface; 这本书有作者的自序。 this book has a preface written by the author.3.(古代由地方举办的学校) a type of local school in ancient times4.(姓氏) a surname 序点 xu dianⅡ动词(排次序) arrange in order 序齿 [书面语] arrange (seats, etc.) in order of ageⅢ形容词(开头的; 在正式内容以前的) introductory; initial 序战 initial battle
  • "顺"英文翻译    Ⅰ介词1.(向着同一个方向) in the same direction as; with 顺流而下 go downstream; 顺时针方向 clockwise2.(依着自然情势; 沿着) along; in the direction of 顺小道上山 go up the mountain along the path; 水顺着渠道流进地里。 water runs along the channel to the fields. 顺着这条路走到拐角处。 follow this road to the corner.Ⅱ形容词1.(有条理) clear and well-written 这篇作文写得还顺。 this essay is grammatically smooth and readable.2.(依次) in sequence 这些号码是一顺的。 these are serial numbers.Ⅲ动词1.(使有条理次序) arrange; put in order 把船顺过来。 set the boat orderly. 这篇文章还得顺一顺。 this essay needs polishing.2.(适合;如意) be suitable; be agreeable 不顺他的意 not fall in with his wishes3.(趁便) take the opportunity to 顺致最崇高的敬意。 i avail myself of this opportunity to renew to you the assurances of my highest consideration.4.(顺从) obey; yield to; act in submission to 百依百顺 docile and obedient; all obedience; 不能总是顺着孩子。 we can't always humour the child the way we do. 他不对嘛, 怎么能顺着他呢 ? how can we do as he wishes when he's obviously wrong?Ⅳ名词(姓氏) a surname 顺仁 shun ren
  • "包"英文翻译    Ⅰ动词1.(用纸、布等裹) wrap 把东西包起来 wrap things up; 包饺子 make jiaozi [dumplings]; 包书皮 put a jacket [cover] on a book; 用布把伤口包起来。 use a cloth to wrap up the wound. 纸包不住火。 you can't wrap fire in paper.2.(围绕; 包围) surround; encircle; envelop 从两边包过去 surround from both sides; 浓雾包住了群山。 the hills were enveloped in dense fog.3.(容纳在里头; 总括在一起) include; contain 无所不包 all-inclusive; all-embracing4.(全部承担) undertake the whole thing 这件事包在我身上。 i shall take full charge of the matter. 这事由我包了吧。 just leave it all to me.5.(担保) assure; guarantee 包你满意。 you'll like it; i assure you. 包你没错。 you can rest assured.6.(约定专用) hire; charter 包了一只船 hire [charter] a boat; 我们学校为那次旅行包了三辆公共汽车。 our school chartered three buses for the trip.Ⅱ名词1.(包好了的东西) bundle; package; pack; packet; parcel 邮包 postal parcel [packet]; 炸药包 pack of dynamite; explosive package2.(装东西的袋) bag; sack 手提包 handbag; bag; 书包 satchel; school bag3.(物体或身体上鼓起的疙瘩) protuberance; swelling; lump 胳膊上起了个包 have a swelling in the arm; 脑门子上碰了个包 have [get] a bump on one's forehead; 树干上有个大包。 there is a big protuberance on the trunk.4.(毡制的圆顶帐篷) yurt 蒙古包 mongolian yurt5.(姓氏) a surname 包拯 bao zhengⅢ量词(用于成包的东西) bale; box; bundle; package; pack; packet; sack 一大包衣服 a big bundle of clothes; 一包棉纱 a bale of cotton yarn; 一包毛巾 a package of towels; 一包香烟 a packet [pack] of cigarettes; 两包大米 two sacks of rice; 两包糖 two bags of sugar; 一包火柴 a box of matches
  • "a小"英文翻译    a minor
  • "小"英文翻译    Ⅰ形容词1.(体积、面积、数量、强度等不大) small; little; petty; minor 小姑娘 a little girl; 小河 stream; 小声交谈 talk low; 小问题 a minor question; 无限小 infinitesimally small; 风小些了。 the wind has dropped a little. 鞋小了点儿。 these shoes are a bit too tight. 这顶帽子我戴太小。 this hat is too small for me.2.(年纪小的; 年幼的) young 小弟弟 younger brother; 小儿子 the youngest son; 小狗 puppy; 小鸡 chick; chicken; 小猫 kitten; 小牛 calf; 一家老小 the whole family, old and young; 她比我小。 she is younger than i am.3.(谦辞, 称自己或与自己有关的人或事物) 小女 my daughter; 小婿 my son-in-lawⅡ名词1.(年级小的人) the young 妻小 wife and children; 上有老, 下有小。 there are old and young at home.2.(指妾) concubine 娶小 take [get] a concubineⅢ副词(短时间地) for a while; for a short time 小住 stay for a few days; 小坐 sit for a whileⅣ[前缀] (用于姓、名、排行等前) 小华 xiao hua; 小王 xiao wang; little wang
  • "小s"英文翻译    xidi hsu
  • "前言,序"英文翻译    foreword
  • "序,序言"英文翻译    preface
  • "序;预演"英文翻译    prolusion
  • "号"英文翻译    号Ⅰ名1.(名称) name 绰号 nickname; 道[法国]号 taoist [buddhist] monastic name;国号 the name of a dynasty; 年号 the title of an emperor's reign2.(别号; 字) assumed name; alternative name3.(商店) business house 宝号 your shop [firm]; 分号 branch (of a firm, ect.); 银号 banking house4.(标志; 信号) mark; sign; signal 暗号 secret signal [sign]; countersign; cipher; 加号 plus sign; 举火为号 light a beacon; 问号 question mark5.(排定的次第) number 编号 serial number; 十号楼 building no. 106.(等级) size 大 [中, 小] 号 large [medium, small] size; 这鞋小了两号。 these shoes are two sizes too small.7.(日期) date:今天几号? - - 九号。 what date is it today? - - the 9th.8.(号令) order 发号施令 issue orders9.[音乐] (军队或乐队里所用的喇叭) any brass-wind instrument 长号 trombone; 军号 bugle; 小号trumpet10.(号角) anything used as a horn 螺号 conch-shell trumpet; conch ⑾ (用号吹出来表示一定意义的声音) bugle call; any call made on a bugle: 吹冲锋号 sound the call to charge; 起床号 reveille; 熄灯号 taps ⑿ (姓氏) a surname: 号义 hao yiⅡ量词(用于人数) 一百多号人 over a hundred peopleⅢ动词1.(做上记号) mark 号房子 mark out houses (as billets, etc.)2.(切) feel 号脉 feel the pulse
  • "顺-1"英文翻译    cis-1 4-polybutadiene
  • "顺-ddp"英文翻译    cis-ddp
  • "顺-反的"英文翻译    cis trans
  • "包 裹"英文翻译    encapsulation
  • "包,包裹"英文翻译    package
  • "包,紧缩"英文翻译    packed
  • "包,捆包"英文翻译    bale
  • "包;袋"英文翻译    b/s bags; bales
  • "包裹,包"英文翻译    package noun
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