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普 都 大 学 的英文

"普 都 大 学"怎么读
  • purdue university
  • "普"英文翻译    general; universal
  • "都"英文翻译    capital
  • "大"英文翻译    big; large
  • "学"英文翻译    study; learn
  • "普 迪 大 学"英文翻译    purdue university
  • "达 大 学"英文翻译    university of florida
  • "多 大 学"英文翻译    university of toronto
  • "母 院 大 学"英文翻译    notre dame university
  • "都"英文翻译    都1.(首都) capital 故都 onetime capital; 迁都 move the capital to another place2.(大城市) big city; metropolis 鞍山是我国的钢都。 anshan is our country's steel metropolis.3.(姓氏) a surname 都穆 du mu
  • "普"英文翻译    Ⅰ形容词(普遍; 全面) general; universal 普天下 all over the world; everywhere in the world; 阳光普照大地。 sunlight floods the earth.; the sun illuminates every corner of the land.Ⅱ名词(姓氏) a surname 普元理 pu yuanli
  • "学"英文翻译    Ⅰ动词1.(学习) study; learn 学当医生 study for the medical profession; 学得又快又好 learn fast and well; 学开机器 learn to operate a machine; 学文化 acquire an elementary education; learn to read and write; 学外语 learn [study] a foreign language; 学先进 emulate the advanced; 活到老, 学到老。 keep on learning as long as you live. 你的功课学会了吗? have you learned your lessons? 你可以自学。 you can study by yourself. 他从几位画师学画。 he studied painting under several masters. 她将很快学会讲英语。 she will soon learn to speak english.2.(模仿) imitate; mimic 学鸡叫 mimic the crowing of a cock; 你应该学他的优点, 而不应学他的缺点。 you should copy his good points, not his weak points. 鹦鹉能学人的声音。 a parrot can mimic a person's voice. 这小男孩学他父亲走路的样子。 the little boy imitates his father's way of walking.Ⅱ名词1.(学问) learning; knowledge 博学多才 broad in learning and many-sided in abilities; 不学无术 have neither learning nor skill; 才疏学浅 have little talent and less learning2.(学科) subject of study; branch of learning 数学 mathematics; 天文学 astronomy; 文学 literature; 政治经济学 political economy3.(学校) school; college 大学 college; university; 上学 go to school; 小[中国] 学 primary [middle] school4.(姓氏) a surname 学仲 xue zhong
  • "大"英文翻译    大Ⅰ形容词1.(体积、面积等大) big; large 大城市 a big city; 大厦 a large building2.(强度大) strong (wind, etc.); heavy (rain, etc.); loud 大风 a strong wind; 大雨 a heavy rain; 声音太大 too loud3.(伟大的; 重要的) great; important 大救星 the great liberator; 大人物 important person; great personage4.(主要的; 大规模的) general; main; major 大反攻 general counteroffensive; 大路 main road; highway; 大手术 major operation; 大问题 major issue; big problem5.(尺寸大小) size 像豆粒一样大 the size of a bean; as big as a bean; 那件衣服我穿太大。 the coat is too large for me. 你穿多大的鞋? what size shoes do you wear? 这间屋子有那间两个大。 this room is twice the size of that one.6.(年龄大小) age 论年纪, 我比他大。 in respect of age, i am his senior. 你的孩子多大了? how old is your child? 他比我大三岁。 he is three years senior to me.7.(排行第一)eldest 大房 senior branch of a family; 大哥 eldest brother8.(敬辞, 称与对方有关的事物) your 大札 your letter; 大作 your writing; 尊姓大名? may i know your name?9.(用在时令或节日前, 表示强调) 大白天 in broad daylight; 大年初一 first day of the lunar year; 大清早 early in the morningⅡ副词1.(表示程度深) greatly; fully 大吃一惊 be greatly surprised; be quite taken aback; 大好河山 beautiful rivers and mountains of a country; 大献殷勤 do one's utmost to please and woo2.(用在“不”后, 表示程度浅或次数少) not very; not often 不大好 not very good; 不大清楚 not too clear; 他不大看电影。 he seldom goes to cinema. 他最近不大来。 he hasn't been coming around much recently.Ⅲ名词1.(年纪大的人) adult; grown-up 一家大小 the whole family; 全家大小五口。 there are five people in the family altogether.2.[方言] (父亲) father 俺大是个农民。 my father is a peasant.3.[方言] (伯父或叔父) one's father's brother; uncle4.(姓氏) a surname 大明 da ming
  • "大 ()"英文翻译    oku (tv series); tai wan
  • "大s"英文翻译    barbie hsu
  • "都,完全"英文翻译    all
  • "表示“…学”"英文翻译    ics
  • "学…的样"英文翻译    take advantage of; take after; take one’s cue from
  • "都 德瑞伯"英文翻译    stuart dryburgh
  • "都 三者以上"英文翻译    all
  • "两,双,都"英文翻译    botha.&ad
  • "63大"英文翻译    63 building
  • "c大"英文翻译    c major
  • "gundam大"英文翻译    gundam war collectible card game
  • "比……大"英文翻译    be senior to
  • "表示“大"英文翻译    magni-
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