熏染 的英文

音标:[ xūnrǎn ]   
  • exert a gradual, corrupting influence on
  • 例句与用法
  • The conflicting influences of town and country colored the entire period of my school life .
  • Appreciation is the magic cure for jealousy . if you feel happy for the person who has found happiness , your will be infected with his happiness
  • Undeserved food reachs 2 food filthily be hungry is full fugacious , all can hurt reach taste , carry of as a result changes a function wrong , be born inside wet chaotic , gloomy and turn heat , suffocating of damp and hot at courage , biliary not abide often , edify skins and hair is yellow
  • The development of cultures depends on the language symbol systems . chinese education as a special mother tongue education passes culture to students through students " learning the language , which makes students sense and experience the excellent chinese culture and help to develop themselves in understanding , accepting and creating cultures
  • Concerning the education of " jing chu " culture among teenagers , four unifications should be achieved , that is , the educational unification of " jing chu " culture and our national culture , of its cultural knowledge and cultural spirit , of the school education and environment edification , and finally the unification of carrying forward its essence and criticizing the defects
    加张未成年人荆楚文化教育要做到“四个统一” :荆楚文化教育与中华民族文化教育的统一;荆楚文化知识教育与荆楚文化精神教育的统一;荆楚文化的学校教育与环境熏染的统一;弘扬荆楚文化精华与批判荆楚文化糟粕的统一。
  • Moreover , in order to promote socialization progress , and solve inefficient problem of moral education , we must bring forth new ideas on moral education mode , select equitable and effective mode for different students and different problems . when we use the basic and main mode ? nculcation , we can select and use penetrating mode , concealed mode , enculturation , and psychology consulting service , etc . moral education practice has proved , if we use all of the modes put forward above , we can achieve good results in moral education , and go a step further to promoter university students socialization progress
  • 其他语种释义
  • 熏染的法语:动exercer une influence;influencer
  • 熏染的日语:(悪習に)染まる.(思想や行いが)悪い影響を受ける.受拜金 bàijīn 主义思想的熏染/拝金思想の悪い影響を受ける.熏染上坏 huài 习气/悪い習慣に染まる.
  • 熏染的韩语:[동사] (주로 나쁜 것에) 물들다. 영향을 받다.熏染上不良嗜好;나쁜 도락에 물들다
  • 熏染的俄语:pinyin:xūnrǎnпопасть под (дурное) влияние; заразиться (обычно чем-л. плохим)
  • 熏染什么意思:xūnrǎn长期接触的人或事物对生活习惯逐渐产生某种影响(多指坏的)。
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