自动化生产线 的英文

  • automatic line
  • automatic production line
  • automation line
  • 例句与用法
  • Application of plc programmable controller in printing ink automatic production line
  • The company has imported a complete set of automatic production lines and up - to - date technology
  • Automation product line is composed of belt conveyor , roller conveyor , chain conveyor and lifter
  • It has equipped with advanced auto production lines , with the capacity of more than 100 million bottles of aerosol insecticides
  • Our company ' s production direction is to improve the efficiency of the expensive apparatus on production lines , and we try our best to do as well as possible
  • Experience with quality assurance , gmp and iso9000 , particular medical devices , validation . working experiences in automatic production lines are preferred
    具有质量保证、 gmp和iso9000经验,具有医疗器械、验证经验。具有自动化生产线工作经验的优先考虑。
  • Baotou city yinshi mechanical and electrical technology co . , ltd . is a company producing small mechanical and electrical applied apparatus which gear with automatic production lines
  • We had passed various test established by the domestic authoritative organizations successfully , had application for a patent , had registered the trade mark , have intellectual property of our own
  • Suit for etching flower patterns on stainnless steel board and other products . without pollution , stable quality , a recycle liquid , suit for wide plane and automatic industrial manufacture
  • The company occupies more than 2500 sq . m floor area , has the automatic production line , and the product through the network , the region agent and so on , has covered the domestic several hundred cities , has won user ' s consistent high praise
    企业的占地面积2500 ? ,拥有自动化生产线,产品通过网络、区域代理及店面等多种渠道覆盖了国内大中小数百个城市,赢得了用户的一致好评。
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