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abatement measure 中文是什么意思

用"abatement measure"造句"abatement measure"怎么读
  • 清除措施
  • "abatement"中文翻译    n. 1.减少,减轻,减退。 2.【法律】(遗产的)非法 ...
  • "measure"中文翻译    n. 1.尺寸,尺度,量,分量;【数学】测度;度量法;计 ...
  • "noise abatement measure"中文翻译    减低噪音措施
  • "pollution abatement measure"中文翻译    减少污染措施
  • "abatement"中文翻译    n. 1.减少,减轻,减退。 2.【法律】(遗产的)非法占有;中断;失效。 abatement of penalty 减刑。 abatement of taxes 减税。 plea in abatement 【法律】妨诉抗辩。
  • "in abatement"中文翻译    终止诉讼
  • "in a measure"中文翻译    一部分; 有几分
  • "in measure as"中文翻译    按...的比例, 依照...的程度
  • "measure"中文翻译    n. 1.尺寸,尺度,量,分量;【数学】测度;度量法;计量单位。 2.量具,量器。 3.(衡量)标准,准绳;程度;限度,界限,范围;过度,分寸;本分,份儿。 4. 【数学】约数。 5.【音韵学】韵律;【音乐】拍子,调子;小节;(慢而庄重的)舞蹈;〔古语〕跳舞,舞蹈。 6.〔常 pl.〕手段,措施,策略,步骤,方法,办法。 7.法案,议案,方案。 8.【印刷】行宽;页宽;〔pl.〕【地质学;地理学】层组;地层。 angular measure 角度。 circular measure 弧度。 apothecaries' measure 药衡制(容积单位)。 cubic measure 体积。 dry [liquid] measure 干[液]量。 linear measure = long measure 长度。 solid measure 容积。 measure of capacity 容量。 square [superficial] measure 面积。 yard measure 码尺。 weights and measures 权度,度量衡。 a measure or so of grain 一两斤粮食。 a common measure 公约数。 the greatest common measure 最大公约数〔略作 G.C.M.〕。 hygienic measure 卫生措施。 coal measures 煤层。 adopt measures 采取措施,处置。 beyond [above, out of] measure 无可估量,过分,极度。 by measure 按大小;论升;按尺寸。 drink a measure 喝一点儿。 give full [good] measure 给足分量。 give short measure 少给分量。 give [show] the measure of 成为…的标准,表示…的程度 (This book shows the measure of the author's intelligence. 由这本书可看出作者的智慧水准)。 have sb.'s measure to an inch 看穿[看透]某人。 in (a) great [large] measure 很,大半,大部分。 in a measure = in some measure 有几分,多少,稍稍。 keep [observe] measure(s) 守中庸之道。 keep measures with 宽大对待。 know no measure 没有边际,没有止境。 measure for measure 报复,以牙还牙。 measures to an end 达到目的的手段。 set measures to 限制。 take measures = adopt measures. take measure of 测定。 take one's measure = take the measure of ... 量某人的尺寸;打量某人。 take the measure of sb.'s foot 看穿某人的根底[能力]。 to fill up the measure of 使(不幸等)越过能忍受的程度;更糟糕的是。 to measure 照尺寸;按拍子,合调子。 tread a measure 〔古语〕跳舞。 use hard measures 虐待,用残暴手段。 within measure 适度地,适可地。 without measure 非常,过度。 vt. 1.量,计量,测量(大小、容量、尺寸等)。 2.打量,估量,判断(人物、力量)。 3.比较,比赛,较量(with)。 4.区分 (off);分派 (out)。 5.使均衡,使相称,调整。 6.〔诗〕通过,去,走,遍历。 measure sb. for new clothes 为某人量尺寸做新衣。 measure one's strength with another 和人赛力。 measure one's desires by one's fortune 使欲望同财力相适合。 vi. 1.量尺寸。 2.有…长[宽、高等]。 The room measures 20 feet across. 房间宽20英尺。 measure an opponent 【美体】打败对方。 measure another's corn by one's own bushel 照自己标准去判断别人;以己度人。 measure back 后退。 measure off 区分,区划。 measure oneself with 和…比赛。 measure one's length 卧倒地上。 measure out 分给(一定份量)。 measure strides 【美体】赛跑。 measure swords with (在决斗前)和人比剑的长短;拿剑和…相斗;和…相争。 measure thrice and cut once 三思而后行。 measure up 〔美国〕合标准,合格。 measure up to [with] 〔美国〕符合,达到(希望等)。 measure (sb.) with one's eye 上上下下打量(人)。
  • "measure in"中文翻译    下钻测算井深
  • "of measure"中文翻译    测量的
  • "abatement claim"中文翻译    减价要求; 请求裁减, 要求减价; 要求减价
  • "abatement cost"中文翻译    消除有害事物的成本
  • "abatement for deficiency"中文翻译    因缺陷而降低价格
  • "abatement item"中文翻译    减除项目
  • "abatement notice"中文翻译    消减噪音通知书
  • "abatement of action"中文翻译    撤销诉讼, 中止诉讼; 中止诉讼
  • "abatement of debts"中文翻译    废除债务, 减轻债务
  • "abatement of freehold"中文翻译    地产减少
  • "abatement of legacies"中文翻译    遗产或遗赠物的放弃
  • "abatement of liability"中文翻译    法律责任的减除
  • "abatement of noise"中文翻译    消除噪声; 消除噪音; 噪声消除
  • "abatement of nuisance"中文翻译    减轻损害, 排除妨害, 减少干扰; 排除障碍; 消除污染
  • "abatement of pollution"中文翻译    污染消除; 消除污染
  • "abatement of smoke"中文翻译    消除烟尘; 消除烟雾; 消减烟雾(法); 消烟除尘; 烟雾消除
  • Noise abatement measure
  • Abatement - formulating abatement strategies and implementation of noise abatement measures ,
  • Effect of vehicle exhaust gas on air pollution and its abatement measures in chongqing
  • We also understand that kcrc is prepared to explore suitable measures where appropriate to fortify the effectiveness of its present noise abatement measures
  • The price signal may have undercut efforts in developing countries to put in abatement measures in order to sell carbon permits to rich nations
  • Contractors who show they are meeting good environmental standards for example , by submitting an environmental management plan , training staff and installing pollution abatement measures will receive the payment
  • The civil aviation department will continue to stringently implement the above noise abatement measures . the department will also closely monitor aviation technology developments at the international level and study all possible noise mitigation measures
  • While it will be beyond epd s statutory power to direct kcrc to adopt further noise abatement measures with all the findings showing that mos rail has complied with the statutory limits under the nco , epd will closely monitor mos rail s performance to ensure its continuous compliance
  • Other noise abatement measures taken include putting noise absorbing lining under the train car , beneath the walkways along the tracks and on the inside of the parapets , adding " skirts " to train vehicles , installing floating slab track and rubber bearings , and extending the walkways and parapets at critical sections
  • As time went on , these snapshots would build up into a cumulative picture of long - term changes in water quality . the information thus provided would constitute the data against which the government could assess the effectiveness of any pollution abatement measures that were introduced , as well as check compliance with the statutory water quality objectives as they were drawn up for each water control zone
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