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ability to buy 中文是什么意思

用"ability to buy"造句"ability to buy"怎么读
  • 购买能力
  • "ability"中文翻译    n. 能,能力,本领,技能;〔pl.〕 才,才能,才干。 ...
  • "buy"中文翻译    vt. 1.买,购 (opp. sell)。 2.收买, ...
  • "buy"中文翻译    vt. 1.买,购 (opp. sell)。 2.收买,雇用。 3.(付出代价)赢得,获得。 4.〔美俚〕采纳(他人意见);接受…的宣传。 5.具有…的购买力;同意,赞成。 buy sth. from [of] sb. 从某人处购买某物。 buysth. for sb. 为某人购某物。 buy favour with flattery 以谄媚获得恩宠。 buya new centre 请来一位(足球)中锋。 buy sb. to silence 贿赂某人保持沉默。 The dollar buys less today 美元的购买力下降了。 Okay, I'll buy that. 好,赞成。 He bought the whole story. 他相信了那套鬼话。 buy-and-sell shop (纽约的)旧货店。 buy a pig in a poke 不看清货色就买。 buy for cash 用现金买。 buy in 买进(股票);买回(自己送出拍卖的东西);大宗买进。 buy into 〔俚语〕(出钱)做股东[会员],买地位(buy into the club 花钱买了个俱乐部会员资格)。 buy it 〔俚语〕 1. (解答不了谜语、问题等而)撒手,放手,放弃,认输(I'll buy it. 我答不出,我想不出来)。 2. 阵亡(He bought it at Dunkirk. 他在敦克尔克阵亡了)。 buy off (用贿赂)收买;用钱疏通[保护,救](buy off the police 用钱疏通警察)。 buy on credit 赊买。 buy out 出钱使某人出让地位[产权等];买下…的全部产权。 buy over (用贿赂)收买。 buy time 设法延迟作出决定[采取行动]。 buy up 1. 囤积;整批收购,卖尽。 2. 购进(其他公司)(buyup all the goods 购进全部货物)。 vi. 买,购买,购物。 n. 1.〔美国〕购买。 2.买卖,交易。 3.〔俚语〕便宜货,合算的买卖[交易等](It's a real buy at that price. 这是一笔价钱合算的买卖)。 adj. -able 1.可购买的。 2.可收买的。 n. -ing 购买(buying power 购买力)。
  • "buy in"中文翻译    补购; 补进:平仓、对冲或关闭一个空头部位; 补买; 大宗买进; 买入平仓
  • "buy into"中文翻译    出钱入; 买进...的股票; 入股
  • "buy it"中文翻译    放弃,认输; 放弃被杀; 买下来
  • "buy-in"中文翻译    〔美国〕补偿购入〔证券交易中的一种程序〕。
  • "not buy it"中文翻译    不买账
  • "-ability"中文翻译    后缀 由 -able 转成的名词词尾,表示“可能性”: curability.
  • "ability"中文翻译    n. 能,能力,本领,技能;〔pl.〕 才,才能,才干。 financial abilities 财力。 a man of ability 有本事的人。 to the best of one's ability 竭力,尽力,尽量。
  • "ability for"中文翻译    具有...的能力
  • "ability to"中文翻译    具有...的能力
  • "buy in addition; buy more"中文翻译    添购
  • "compulsory buy-in; forced buy-in"中文翻译    强制补购
  • "where to buy what to buy"中文翻译    买什么
  • "a bad buy"中文翻译    不利的买卖; 吃亏货, 吃亏的买卖
  • "a best buy"中文翻译    最合算的货 最上算的买卖
  • "a good buy"中文翻译    便宜货, 上算的买卖; 有利的买卖
  • "best buy"中文翻译    买得最为合算的东西。
  • "bring and buy"中文翻译    慈善救济性自由集市
  • "buy a bounce"中文翻译    买反弹,通常是在强支撑被测试却无法突破时候做的短线
  • "buy a dip"中文翻译    下跌时买入/逢低买入
  • "buy a dog"中文翻译    只狗
  • "buy a farm"中文翻译    摔毁
  • "buy a house"中文翻译    买房子; 买一间房子
  • By 1929 , factories were pouring out more goods than consumers had the ability to buy
  • This action gives you the ability to buy a midi song for your profile . the midi song will be played on the background while a member is viewing your profile
  • This rating will be used to determine the ability to buy specific items , and also to determine eligibility for the end of season rewards
  • At the same time , their actual happiness seems to be motivated less by their ability to buy more than by being able to keep up with those comparable resources in their own age group
  • They do not invest enough in interconnections with other networks , since the ability to buy energy from and sell it to other firms would increase competition and reduce profits
  • At the same time , their actual happiness seems to be motivated less by their ability to buy more than by being able to keep up with those with comparable resources in their own age group
  • Just as luther criticised indulgences , critics of offsetting argue that the ability to buy retrospective forgiveness for sins of emission is no substitute for not sinning in the first place
  • The teacher reaches and still has no ability to buy a one ' s own building at present , but she will make great efforts to create a happy study space for student , teacher reach can give you issue one academic diploma either , but she is it design teaching pay attention to professional lines and actual combat nature to carry out , this will be that you enter the stepping - stone to success of designing the trade , the teacher has no age to reach host of professors command , but came from designing to a gleam of design experts and serving you in the whole country
  • The benefits of implementing mortgage - backed securitization to the economic development of our country are as follows : firstly , it improves the management of banks , impetus the augment of the mortgage loan scale , helps inhabitants to raise their ability to buy house and upgrade the consume structure . secondly , it helps to cultivate a new development area based on real estate . thirdly , it helps to develop the capital market and optimize the market structure
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