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adaptive processing 中文是什么意思

用"adaptive processing"造句"adaptive processing"怎么读
  • 适应性处理
  • This leads to another important aspect of adaptive processes : they need very close contact with business expertise
  • Hypoxia - inducible factor ( hif ) is an oxygen - dependent transcription factor that activates a diverse set of target genes , the products of which are involved in adaptive processes to hypoxia
    低氧诱导因子( hif )是一种氧依赖性的转录因子,其为低氧适应性过程中的产物,可激活各种靶基因。
  • The article combines the digital subsidence filtering and adaptive filtering and builds up different reference models to accomplish a adaptive process according to signals of different frequences
  • Feedback is used in control , but it is just limited to adaptive process . adaptive inverse control dominates alterable parameters rather than signal flow in system not so as conventional control
  • So we present two methods : the mod method by introducing mismatched control vector and the ssp algorithm by partitioning subspaces to reduce the dimensions of adaptive process
  • On the one hand , the method analyzes the noise based on local statistical information and on the other hand , the method conducts the self - adaptive processing of multilevel median filtering direction
  • When your life must adapt to a certain philosophy , religion and ideology , some quality of life will die in this adaptive process , finally you just get a corpse , which seems alive but is actually dead
  • In addition to the conventional techniques such as low sidelobe antennas and displaced phased center antenna ( dpca ) , there has been great interest in space - time adaptive processing ( stap ) because it can suppress clutter effectively and improve the detection performance of airborne phased array radar evidently
    除了采用低副瓣天线、偏置天线相位中心( dpca )等传统杂波抑制技术,能够有效提高机载相控阵雷达地杂波抑制能力和动目标检测性能的空时二维自适应处理( stap )受到了广泛关注。
  • During my studying of postgraduate , i have accomplished above - mentioned researches and results listed below : 1 ) accumulated lots of experimental data of non - contact life - parameter detection system under different conditions , which is a good foundation for the next stage of this research . 2 ) brought forward the method of using adaptive processing to constrain the self - dithering interference . 3 ) brought forward the method of using acceleration sensor to detect the self - dithering interference as the referring signal of the adaptive filter . 4 ) compared the performances of adaptive algorithms based on fssms and vsslms , which is the basis of parameter - setting for applying adaptive processing to constrain the self - dithering interference in this subject . 5 ) constructed the mathematical model between the self - dithering interference and its radar return signal . 6 ) drew the conclusion of that there exists the correlativity between the self - dithering interference and its radar return signal . 7 ) drew the conclusion of that there exists the adding relation between the radar return signal of the self - dithering interference and the detecting signal . 8 ) developed the software for constraining self - dithering interference of non - contact life - parameter detection system
    在就读硕士研究生期间,本人从事以上工作取得的主要研究结果有: l 、积累了大量的不同条件下非接触生命参数检测系统的实验数据,为检测系统的下一阶段研究打下良好的基础; 2 、提出了采用自适应处理抑制非接触生命参数检测系统的自抖动干扰; 3 、提出了采用加速度传感器检测非接触生命参数检测系统的自抖动干扰作为自适应处理的参考信号: 4 、比较了固定步长和可变步长两类ms自适应算法的性能,为自适应算法应用于本课题的研究提供参数设置依据; 5 、建立了非接触生命参数检测系统自抖动和自抖动雷达回波信号之间的数学模型; 6 、得出了非接触生命参数检测系统自抖动和自抖动雷达回波信号具有相关性的结论; 7 、得出了非接触生命参数检测系统自抖动雷达回波和第二页第四军医大学硕士学位论文检测信号具有加性关系的结论; 8 、研制了非接触生命参数检测系统自抖动干扰抑制软件。
  • We bring forward the method through compare the two projects adaptive spectrum enhancement and wavelet analysis which combines the wavelet analysis and the adaptive theory and have the information of several frequence bands being the reference input signals to reach the adaptive processing and restructure of speech signal by making use of merits of the two theories
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