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advance bravely 中文是什么意思

用"advance bravely"造句"advance bravely"怎么读
  • 奋进
  • "advance"中文翻译    vt. 1.进,推进;促进(生长),助长;拨进(时针), ...
  • "bravely"中文翻译    adv. 1.勇敢地,毅然。 2.漂亮地,华丽地。 短语 ...
  • "bravely"中文翻译    adv. 1.勇敢地,毅然。 2.漂亮地,华丽地。 fight bravely for a cause 为事业英勇斗争。 a bravely decked house 装饰华丽的房屋。
  • "fight the enemy bravely"中文翻译    奋勇杀敌
  • "advance"中文翻译    vt. 1.进,推进;促进(生长),助长;拨进(时针),增进;提早,提前。 2.使升级,提升。 3.提高,抬高,涨,加(价等)。 4.提出(意见等),提倡。 5.预付,预支;借贷。 6.前去(某地)做先遣工作。 advance the hour hand 向前拨动时针。 advance sb. to the rank of colonel 提升某人为上校。 advance sb. a month's salary 预支给某人一个月的薪水。 vi. 1.推进,上进,前进,向前发展,进步。 2.提高,晋升。 3.涨价,腾贵。 4.【军事】前进,进攻 (against; on; upon)。 5.从事先遣工作。 6.(颜色等)醒目。 advance in price 涨价。 advance in knowledge 增进知识。 advance in rank 升级。 deep colours advance 深的颜色醒目。 advance by rushes 突飞猛进。 advance in the world 发迹,出头。 advance on [toward] a place 向某地推进。 n. 1.前进,进展;增进,进步;向上,晋升 (in rank)。 2.腾贵,昂贵,上涨。 3.预付;垫款,贷出款项。 4.〔常 pl.〕接近;友好的表示;求爱。 5.【军事】前进,进攻。 6.事先写好的新闻报导。 encourage [repel] sb's advances 鼓励[阻碍]某人接近自己。 academic advances 学术成就。 an advance sample 订货小样。 His advances were rejected. 他的友好的表示被拒绝了。 Sound the advance. 奏进行曲,吹前进号。 a temporary advance 暂垫款。 be in advance of在…之前;比…进步;高出,优于,胜过 (He is far in advance of his class. 他在班上是尖子)。 be on the advance 渐涨。 in advance 1. 预先,事先。 2.在先头,在前面 (pay in advance 预付。 receive in advance 预收)。 make advance 1. 垫款,先付,预付。 2. 接近(某人);表示友好;求爱 (to)。 with the advance of 与…俱进地,因(年)老而,因(夜)深而。 adj. 〔只作修饰语〕前进的;先头的;预先的。
  • "advance a"中文翻译    卷片方向
  • "advance in"中文翻译    改进,进步
  • "advance on"中文翻译    朝前进
  • "be on the advance"中文翻译    (物价)在上涨中; 在上涨中
  • "in advance"中文翻译    事先,预先,提前; 提前,预先; 提前/副词词组; 提前,优先; 提前地; 提早; 先;事先; 预先,事先; 预先,在前面; 预先来源:考试学习网; 在前面,预先,事先; 在前面;预先
  • "in advance of"中文翻译    在...前面, 超过; 在……的前面,在……之前; 在……前面,超过; 在……之前;比……进步; 在…的前面;超过; 在…前,提前,胜过
  • "on the advance"中文翻译    (物价)在上涨
  • "the advance of"中文翻译    的发展
  • "with the advance of"中文翻译    随着...的增进
  • "fight bravely; put up a fearless fight"中文翻译    英勇奋战
  • "we can open plumages and fly bravely"中文翻译    我们才能放飞翅膀勇敢的飞翔
  • "we can spread the wings and fly bravely"中文翻译    我们才能放飞翅膀勇敢的飞翔
  • "advance; advance of a beach"中文翻译    海岸线前移
  • "a idal advance"中文翻译    拱线进动
  • "absolute advance"中文翻译    绝对进程
  • "additional advance"中文翻译    追加垫款
  • "adv advance"中文翻译    送入,提升,前置量; 提前的
  • "advance a line"中文翻译    推进水带线
  • "advance a position"中文翻译    向前移动位置
  • "advance a proposal on"中文翻译    提出关于的议案
  • Our soldiers advanced bravely against the enemy
  • Please bless your team member to advance bravely in the paradise
  • A life is beautiful , we should not hang our heads in dismay , let ' s advance bravely
  • Underneath branch is standing for one on the pole only exquisite bird , the fineness the bird body is carved meticulously , is black , beautiful , very elegant slim tail feather satisfactory all over , is raising head being looking up at a high mountain , as if the entirety presses person to advance bravely in prepare to go down a moment leap
  • In recent years , my county economy and society all causes display fine development tendency , especially from " important open to the outside world , important move merchant in 2006 , xifeng huge construction program emerges in industry garden and county economic development zone , big garden area construction appearance developing , xin cheng town construction never - ending changes and improvements , commerce and trade marketplace scene make prosper since promoting big development strategy " guiding principle suggesting that and the view attracting investments as promoting my county economic growth being brought forward , tone of everywhere , being to summon up all courage and energy to contend for first place , striding over advancing bravely developing , already having established dark labor of jilin , silver dragon corp . , li tang collection coal mine , andeli , lakeshore juice , assisted to prosper in business corp . , day rainbow corp . eight big business ; have expanded wood processing industry , food processing industry , machinery manufacturing industry , energy industry - rization , five big estate
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