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angle change 中文是什么意思

用"angle change"造句"angle change"怎么读
  • 角变位
  • "angle"中文翻译    n. 〔古语〕钓钩;钓具。 a brother of t ...
  • "change"中文翻译    vt. 1.改变,变更,变换,变革。 2.交换;兑换;把 ...
  • "blade angle change"中文翻译    桨叶角的变化
  • "change of racket angle"中文翻译    拍形角度的变换
  • "change of recket angle"中文翻译    拍形角度的变换
  • "rate of change of lead angle"中文翻译    提前角变化率
  • "sweep-angle change mechanism"中文翻译    变后掠角机构
  • "rate of over-all angle change"中文翻译    全角变化率
  • "change"中文翻译    vt. 1.改变,变更,变换,变革。 2.交换;兑换;把(大票等)换成零钱;把(支票等)兑成现金。 3.换(车、衣服),更换。 4.〔口语〕使(味)变酸[坏]。 change one's habits [way of thinking] 改变习惯[想法]。 changea horse [cars] 换马[倒车]。 changea fivepound note把一张五镑钞票兑换成零钱。 change a fivepound note into gold 把一张五镑钞票兑换成金币。 vi. 1.变,改变,起变化。 2.换车,换衣服,改换办法[策略等]。 Where do we change? 我们在哪里换车? It took me only five minutes to change. 我只用五分钟就换好了衣服。 change about 转换方向;变节;首尾互异,反覆无常。 change arms 【军事】换(掮枪的)肩。 change at... 在(某处)换车。 change breath 〔美俚〕换换口味[换喝另一种酒]。 change colo(u)r 变脸色。 change down [up] (汽车)改成慢挡[快挡];开慢[快]。 change foot [step] 变方向;变态度;变步骤。 change for... 换车往(某处)。 change for the better [worse] 变好[坏]。 change ... for... 以…换…(change the old shoes for the new ones 以旧鞋换新鞋)。 change front【军事】改变攻击方向;〔比喻〕转变论调。 change into 1. 改穿(change into flannels 换上法兰绒裤)。 2. 变成(Water changes into steam. 水变成汽)。 change one's note [tune] 〔口语〕(言谈中)改变口气[态度]。 change oneself 换衣裳。 change oneself into 变成…,化为。 change over (使)改变(目的,位置);改期。 change side 改变立场;脱党,变节。 change (seats) with (sb.) 与(人)换(座位)。 n. 1.变化;改变,变换,变更;变动,变迁;改革;更迭。 2.交换,交替;换衣服;换车;换环境。 3.找头,零钱。 4.【音乐】转调,换调;钟声的变调。 5.〔C-〕交易所(='Change, Exchange)。 a change of address 住址的变更。 a change of cars 换车。 a change of clothes 换衣服。 a change of heart 变心;改变主意。 the change of the moon 月亮的(圆缺)变化;新月的出现。 a change of tide 潮的交替;危机。 a changing bag (换胶卷用的)暗袋。 I have no change about me. 我没有零钱。 You need a change. 你应该改变改变环境。 be [go] on change 在交易所(做事)。 change of air 迁地(疗养)。 change of life (妇女的)更年期,绝经期,停经。 change of pace 换口味;变手法。 change of voice (青春期的)变嗓音。 for a change 为了改变一下,为了换换花样。 get no change out of (sb.) 〔俚语〕从(某人)处得不到什么便宜;从(某人)探听不出什么。 give (sb.)change 给某人以报答;〔俚语〕向某人报复,对某人予以还击。 give (sb.) no change 〔口语〕不让某人知道;对某人秘而不宣。 put the change on [upon] (sb.) 瞒,欺骗(某人)。 ring the changes 打钟打出(各种)调子;用种种言语[方式]说明;用种种方法试办。 small change 零钱。 take the change out of (sb.) 〔口语〕报复,复仇。 Take your change out of that! 〔还嘴、报复时语〕这就是回答!
  • "change by"中文翻译    颜色转换的执行方式
  • "change for"中文翻译    调换成; 交换; 用……换; 转车到…去
  • "change into"中文翻译    把…变成; 兑换; 转变为; 转换成,把……变成
  • "change it"中文翻译    换掉它
  • "change to"中文翻译    更改为; 转变为
  • "change…for"中文翻译    把……换成
  • "change…into"中文翻译    把…变成; 把……变成,转换成; 转换成;把……变成
  • "for a change"中文翻译    换换环境(花样等); 换换胃口、腻了; 为改变; 为了改变一下, 为了换换口味; 为了换换花样
  • "for change"中文翻译    换换中味
  • "in change"中文翻译    主管
  • "no change"中文翻译    无变化
  • "on change"中文翻译    待清扫的房间; 待清扫房
  • "on-change"中文翻译    等待出租
  • "angle"中文翻译    n. 【英史】盎格鲁人〔cf. Angles〕。 angle1 n. 1.角,隅,角落;棱,嬗角。 2.【数学】角,角位,角的度数。 3.【机械工程】角铁。 4.见地,观点。 5.(事物的)方面,角度。 6.〔口语〕隐蔽的个人动机;诡计。 7.〔口语〕(新闻报导的)偏见,歪曲。 an auxiliary [subsidiary, supplementary] angle 补角。 an external [exterior] angle 外角。 an internal [interior] angle 内角。 an obtuse angle 钝角。 a vertical angle 对顶角。 a right angle 直角。 a straight angle 平角。 an optical [a visual] angle 视角;【矿物】光轴角。 angle of attack 【航空】气压角,迎角。 angle of bank [roll] 【航空】转角。 meet at right angles 相交成直角。 take the angle 测角度。 view from various angles 由各方面观察。 vt. 1.使(摄影机等)偏成[转向]某一角度。 2.使(新闻报导等)带上色彩[倾向性]。 She angled her column of chitchat towards teen-agers. 她的闲话专栏着眼于青少年。 angle one's camara (摄影时)对角度。 angle a report 使报告搀杂偏见。 vi. 1.转变角度;突然朝某方向转去。 2.以一个角度移动。 n. 〔古语〕钓钩;钓具。 a brother of the angle 钓鱼者。 vi. 1.钓鱼。 2.〔美俚〕钓(誉),贪图,图谋。 angle for carp 钓鲤鱼。 angle for praise 沽名钓誉。 vt. 在…钓鱼。
  • "angle for"中文翻译    谋痊猎取; 使用手段谋取
  • "angle in"中文翻译    内斜; 下钻时的井斜角
  • Glass angle changing straight grinder machine szm2000
  • Glass angle changing straight line edging
  • Glass angle changing straight grinder machine szm2000 - products show
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  • Meanwhile , it still has characteristicof expanding , aesthetic angle changing , aesthetic focus changing and prototypingof natural phenomenon
  • The results show that the cohesion of unsaturated soil changes greatly , and the friction angle changes a little with soil moisture content it is also shown that the deeper of soil layer , the smaller of the extent of shearing strength improved
  • Based on the engineering practice of the side slope excavation of dayanchi section within the road for the construction traffic of guandi hydropower station , the problems such as the selection of blasthole distance for presplit blasting , and the rock ridge , the levelness of the presplit face , lower hole - making rate of the auxiliary blastholes after the presplit blasting , the blasting network for prespliting and blasting zone and the angle change of the presplit hole etc . are analyzed ; for which the specific solutions are put forward herein as well
  • Szm2000 glass angle changing straight grinder machine not only can grind a group of straight line edge but also grind two groups of angled sides . this machine is operated manually , rough grinding , refine grinding , chamfer angle grinding and polishing can be finished at one time . the grinding group enjoy wide range of adjustment , so it can form different ways of combination to meet different requirements of grinding or to process glass of different classes . this machine is fit for high quality fumiture glass , also the general glass
  • Bending stress of asymmetric involute gears is analyzed by the use of finite element method ( fea ) , from which it can be obtained how the pressure angles and the point of load put on influence the blend stress . contacting stress of asymmetric involute gear is calculated by fea , some valuable conclusions are educed comparing with symmetric gear and asymmetric gear with the pressure angles changed
  • And understanding and studying the spectral features and variation rules of geo - targets in the experimental area , raising that it is the basis of geo - targets information collection with imaging spectrometer data to understand spectral features and variation rules of geo - targets , realizing that in a great extent spectral - integrated - form - based classification method can remove the phenomenon of " different spectrum with same objects " resulted from reflection ratio curve translation because of the angle change among sensor , targets and observation direction , and the average and variance images can be introduced to solve the problem of two kinds of geo - target with similar spectral forms and much different values of whole reflection ratio . it is suggested that " red edge " range bands of vegetation , which has close relationship with vegetation cover and biomass , is the main characteristic bands and important basis for careful vegetation classification and quantitative retrieval , and pixel - based derivative spectral analysis is very useful for removing the effects of soil background values and quantitatively retrieving vegetation biomass and cover . the remote sense quantitative retrieval model is developed for main appraisable factors of desertification monitoring assessment with imaging spectrometer data and then the applicability of model is analyzed
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