b complex 中文是什么意思

  • 维生素B复合物,复合维生素B。
  • 例句与用法
  • The water-soluble vitamins, embracing the b complex and vitamin c, are important for animal metabolism .
  • Good sources of vitamin b complex include grain products , meats and vegetables
  • Rich in calcium , protein , vitamin d and vitamin b complex , best for teeth and bones
    含丰富钙质、蛋白质、维生素d及多种维生素b ,保持牙齿及骨骼健康
  • The water - soluble vitamins , embracing the b complex and vitamin c , are important for animal metabolism
  • Has one of the highest source of vitamin b12 and b complex - that are so important for healthy nerves and tissue , especially for vegetarians
  • Dairy products are rich in calcium , protein , vitamin d and b complex . they help to keep bones and teeth healthy and can prevent osteoporosis
    奶品类食物含丰富钙质,蛋白质,维他命d及多种维他命b ,保持牙齿及骨骼健康,有助预防骨质疏松症。
  • Vitamin b2 belongs to the b complex group of vitamin . it is water - soluble . thus not stored in our body system , must be replaced continuously to avoid deficiency
  • At rest , the heterodimeric rel / nf - k b complex is located in the cytoplasm bound to an inhibitory factor , i k b . upon stimulation , i k b is phosphorylated and degraded , free nf - k b then translocates into the nucleus where it binds to k b site to regulate transcription
    静息时, re皿4bh聚体与抑制蛋白kbs结合,在细胞浆中保持无活性。受到刺激, ikb分子迅速磷酸化并降解,释放nf儿b转位入核,通过与kb位点结合调节转录。
  • The degradation of i k b and dissociation from nf - k b complex are essential process for activation of nf - k b . there is no report about whether cck - 8 inhibits nf - k b activity through inhibiting lps - induced degradation of i k b . the present study was designed to observe the regulatory effect of cck - 8 on changes of immune functions induced by lps , the receptor mechanism and signal transduction mechanism involving mapk , stat3 and i k b at different levels including in vivo and in vitro , in order to study its immunomodulatory effect on reversing es and its molecular mechanisms
    Ikb的降解、并从w儿b复合物上解离是w4b激活的必需过程。 ccks是否通过抑制lps诱导的ikb降解,从而抑制nf几b激活尚未见报道。本研究在整体、细胞及分子水平,观察了ccke对lps引起的免疫功能改变的调节作用,研究了其受体机制及mapk 、 stat3和ikb的信号转导机制,以探讨cck七抗es时的免疫调节作用及其分子机制。
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