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be better 中文是什么意思

用"be better"造句"be better"怎么读
  • 更好些
  • "better"中文翻译    n. 打赌的人。
  • "at or better"中文翻译    按指定或较佳价位〔买卖指令; 见证条款; 特定价格或更优价格; 向好指令; 在...或更好的价格
  • "be better of"中文翻译    (感觉)会好一些; 处境更好;情况转好; 情况转好
  • "be the better for it"中文翻译    因此而更好
  • "better"中文翻译    adj. 〔good, well 的比较级〕 (opp. worse ) 1.较好的,更好的。 2.大半的,大部分的。 3.更合适的。 4.较有品德的。 5.健康状态较好的,(疾病)渐愈的。 He has seen better days. 他曾经阔过一个时期。 better people 善良的人。 a better thing to do 更合适的办法。 the better part of a lifetime 大半生。 You'll feel better after a good sleep. 你睡个好觉,精神就会好一些了。 adv. 〔well 的比较级〕 1.更,更加,更好地。 2.更多地,以上。 Do better another time. 下次干好点。 I walked better than a mile to town. 我步行一英里以上进城去。 He is better loved than ever. 他更加受人爱了。 all the better 更好,更合适 (I like her all the better for her simplicity. 由于她单纯,我反而更喜欢她了)。 be better off 情况[处境]更好;更加富有。 be better than one's word 所做的超过所许诺的,比所许诺的更慷慨[做得更多,表现得更好]。 be the better for it 对…反而好,反而更好 (Give the child no money, he'll be the better for it. 不要给孩子钱,那样反而会对他有好处)。 better bet 〔美国〕更好[聪明]的选择。 B- late than never. 迟干胜于不干,亡羊补牢不算晚。 the better part of …的大部分 (the better part of a month 一个月的大部分时间,大半个月)。 better sort 长辈。 better than nothing 聊胜于无;不更坏就算运气。 for better (or) for worse 有福同享,有祸同当,祸福与共,同甘共苦,不论变好变歹〔出自祈祷书,举行结婚仪式时的用语〕 (They have taken each other for better or for worse. 他们已结为夫妇,今后同甘共苦)。 for the better 转好 (change for the better (处境)改善;(病)转好;(职位)升迁)。 get better(病)渐愈,快好。 get the better of 胜过,超出,占…的上风。 go (sb.) better 〔美俚〕胜过(某人),超过(某人),比(某人)体面。 had better 最好…,还是以…为好 (You had better do so. 你还是这样做好)。 know better 知道是不好[不对]的,很懂得,很明白(而不致于…) (I know better. 没有的事,我不信。 She said she didn't cheat, but I knew better. 她说她没有欺骗人, 但我深知不是那么一回事。 I know better than to quarrel. 我傻也不会傻到就吵架的。 ought to know better (to do sth.) 不该傻到去(做某事),不该这样傻)。 little better than 比…好不了多少。 no better than 并不比…好,简直就是;顶多不过是 (He is no better than a shop-keeper. 他顶多不过是一个店老板罢了)。 no better than he should be 行为不正,不规矩,不正派。 not better than 不比…更好;顶好也不过是。 one's better feelings 天良,优良的天性,高尚的感情。 one's better half 〔戏谑语〕妻子[丈夫]。 one's better self 良心。 so much the better 这就更好[更妙、好极]了。 think better of 1. 另行考虑,改变对…的想法,经考虑后决定不做(某事)。 2. 对…有较高评价。 n. 1.较好的东西[事、条件、行为等]。 2.(知识、能力、财产等)较优的人;〔 pl. 〕上级,上司;长上,长辈,前辈。 the better of two choices 两个选择物中的较优者。 You'll soon get a better than Willy. 很快就派一个比威利更高明的人给你。 Respect your betters. 尊敬你的长辈。 Do not ape your betters. 不要效颦。 不要不自量力地模仿比你强的人。 for want of a better 因为没有更好的东西[人,办法等]。 vt. 1. 改良,改善。 2.优于,胜过,超出。 better one's previous record 刷新本人过去的纪录。 better oneself 提高自己;改善个人处境。 vi. (情况等)有改善,变得有改进。 n. 打赌的人。
  • "better not"中文翻译    最好别
  • "for the better"中文翻译    好转改善; 好转,向好的方向发展; 向好的方向变,好转
  • "no better"中文翻译    没有好转
  • "better and better"中文翻译    锦上添花; 越来越好
  • "better city better life"中文翻译    生活更美好
  • "better your better half"中文翻译    改造太太
  • "a better day"中文翻译    黑蝙蝠中队英文斑; 那首
  • "a better mailman"中文翻译    更优秀的邮递员
  • "a better man"中文翻译    更好的人
  • "a better place"中文翻译    更好的地方
  • "a better road"中文翻译    一条更好的路
  • "a better tomorrow"中文翻译    更美好的明天; 译文是:明天会更好; 英雄本色
  • "a better tomorrow -----"中文翻译    明天会更好 英雄本色
  • "a better tomorrowi"中文翻译    英雄本色i
  • "a better understanding of"中文翻译    更好地了解
  • "a little better"中文翻译    好一点儿
  • "all the better"中文翻译    并无分别; 反而更好; 更好,愈加; 就更好了
  • "any better"中文翻译    好一些
  • "are you better"中文翻译    吗身体好些了吗; 你好点了吗
  • "younger is better"中文翻译    愈早愈好
  • His excesses at parties are well known .
  • The designs in the rug are well proportioned .
  • It is better to marry than to burn .
  • They are sure of being well provided for .
  • Please tell me which is better ?
  • By that time we were well and truly lost .
  • It is better for the doer to undo what he has done .
  • Of the two the latter is better than the former .
  • This is better , but then again it costs much ...
  • It is better to have a wooden box .
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