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bed with 中文是什么意思

用"bed with"造句"bed with"怎么读
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  • "bed"中文翻译    n. 1.床,床铺;床位,铺;(动物的)窝;〔比喻〕安乐 ...
  • "a bed"中文翻译    一张床
  • "be in bed"中文翻译    上床睡觉; 在床上
  • "be in bed with"中文翻译    与卧病在床
  • "bed"中文翻译    n. 1.床,床铺;床位,铺;(动物的)窝;〔比喻〕安乐窝,坟墓;床垫;睡眠;就宿。 2.婚姻,夫妇关系。 3.台,土台;苗床;圃,花坛;养殖场;河床;矿床;湖底,海底。 4.【地质学;地理学】层,底;【火箭】试验台;基地;【机械工程】底座;衬;机床床身;【建筑】地脚,地基;【铁路】路基;【印刷】版盘。 5.一层;(树叶等的)一堆。 He is too fond of his bed. 他太贪睡了。 A single [double] bed 单[双]人床。 A feather bed 羽毛褥垫。 A cup of cocoa and then bed 喝一杯可可再睡觉。 Ten dollars for bed 宿费十元。 A flower bed 花坛。 A bed of clay 黏土层。 An oyster bed 牡蛎养殖场。 Reeds bed 苇地。 Bed ways 【机械工程】床身导轨。 Be brought to bed (of a child) 生(孩子),分娩,临盆,坐蓐,临产。 Be contained to one's bed 病倒床上,卧病。 Bed and board 1. 膳宿;兼包伙食的宿舍。 2. 夫妻关系,夫妻生活〔夫妻寝食与共〕。 3. 〔美国〕家。 Bed of down [roses, flowers] 安乐的生活,称心如意的处境;安乐窝。 Bed of dust 墓。 Bed of honour 阵亡将士墓。 Beds of guns 【军事】备炮过多的兵舰。 Bed-to-breakfast folks 〔美俚〕城市人〔一起来就吃的人们〕。 Die in (one's) bed 寿终正寝,病死,老死;善终。 Get out of bed 起床。 Get out of bed on the right [wrong] side 心情好(坏)。 Go to bed 1. 睡,就寝;同床。2. 【印刷】付印 (The paper went to bed at three. 报纸三点付印)。 Go to bed in one's boots 大醉。 Have one's bed 临产。 In bed 1. 睡着。 2. 男女同床。 Keep the bed (因病)卧床。 Keep to one's bed 病倒床上,卧病。 Lie in bed 横躺在床上。 Lie in [on] the bed one has made 自作自受。 Lie on a bed of thorns 如坐针毡,坐卧不安。 Make a [the] bed 收拾床铺;铺床。 Make one's bed 〔口语〕自作自受 (As you make your bed, so you must lie upon it. 自食其果)。 Make up a bed 搭一临时床铺。 (one's) narrow [lowly] bed 坟墓。 Put (child) to bed 1. 让(孩子等)睡觉。 2. 【美印】上版(备印);〔美俚〕(编辑)清稿(付排)。 Put to bed with a shove 1. 把…葬掉。 2. 〔美俚〕把(醉汉)扶上床。 Separate from bed and board 夫妇分居〔但不离婚〕。 Take to one's bed (因病)睡倒,病倒床上。 vt. (-dd-) 1.使睡;〔美国〕为…提供住宿。 2.栽种;造苗林,移植(幼苗等)于苗床内 (out). 3.安顿,给人铺床,给(牲畜)等铺垫草 (down). 4.把…铺平;固定,嵌入。 5.把…分层。 vi. 1.睡,就寝,住宿;同床,同居 (with)睡下 (down). 2.(金属物置于他物上)搁稳,摆稳。 3.【地质学;地理学】分层。 early to bed and early to rise 早睡早起。 Bedding in earth 【植物;植物学】假植。 Bed it 〔美俚〕病倒。 Bed well 搁得稳 (The rail beds well on the ballast. 铁轨在道碴上搁得很稳)。 Bed-blocking(年老贫穷的患者赖在医院中不走以便享受由福利金支付的住院生活待遇的)“赖病床”现象。 -ward(s) adv. 上床,就寝。
  • "bed in"中文翻译    卧模; 下箱不翻转的大件造型
  • "bed-in"中文翻译    露宿示威。
  • "in bed"中文翻译    地考个好成绩有一天我生病在床; 在床上, 卧床; 在床上;(在)睡觉; 在床上睡觉
  • "in the bed"中文翻译    在床里面; 在床上
  • "on the bed"中文翻译    在床上
  • "bed bed"中文翻译    是小床
  • "bed board; bed plank"中文翻译    铺板
  • "bed plate, forme-bed"中文翻译    版台
  • "bed spread bed skirt"中文翻译    床裙
  • "bed-by-bed analysis"中文翻译    逐层分析
  • "cast bed,sand bed"中文翻译    砂床
  • "casting bed(sand bed)"中文翻译    砂床
  • "wet the bed; bed-wetting"中文翻译    尿床
  • "bed spread (bed cover) bed sheet"中文翻译    床单
  • "casting bed; mould bed; sand bed"中文翻译    砂床
  • "a bed of down"中文翻译    安乐窝
  • "a bed of flowers"中文翻译    安乐窝
  • "a bed of herbs"中文翻译    一片药草地
  • "a bed of honor"中文翻译    阵亡者的墓
  • "workable bed"中文翻译    可采煤层
  • He is confined to his bed with a cold .
  • He stepped back and leaned against my bed with a level, quiet glance .
  • Fanny went to bed with her heart as full as on the first evening of her arrival at the park .
  • Lying in the bed with the moonlight streaming dimly over her, she pictured the whole scene in her mind .
  • His door being shut, she softly opened it and spoke to him, approaching his bed with a noiseless step .
  • Real beds with internals and with aspect ratios not much larger than unity should satisfy these requirements rather well .
  • In the macphails' there was nothing but a poor, worn bed with a ragged mosquito net, a rickety chair, and a washstand .
  • . . . i found him in bed with another woman , lisa
    . . .我看见他和其他女人在床上莉萨
  • Who blankets his bed with the skin of men he ' s killed
  • . . . i found him in bed with another woman , lisa
    . . .我看见他和其他女人在床上莉萨
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