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body cover 中文是什么意思

用"body cover"造句"body cover"怎么读
  • 身体掩护
  • "body"中文翻译    n. 1.身体,体躯,肉体;尸首;躯干,【林业】立木。 ...
  • "cover"中文翻译    vt. 1.覆盖,遮蔽,包裹;戴帽子;包庇,隐蔽,掩盖; ...
  • "body bolster cover"中文翻译    枕梁盖板
  • "box body box cover"中文翻译    盒体、盒盖
  • "main body cover"中文翻译    主体外壳
  • "main-body cover"中文翻译    主体外壳
  • "oil filter body cover"中文翻译    机油滤清器口盖
  • "oil pump body cover gasket"中文翻译    油泵盖密封垫
  • "cover"中文翻译    vt. 1.覆盖,遮蔽,包裹;戴帽子;包庇,隐蔽,掩盖;灭迹,(用纸)表(墙)。 2.孵(小鸡);(种马)交配。 3.(炮火等)控制;对准射击;【军事】掩护。 4.涉及,包括,包含;网罗;适用。 5.通过,走过(若干里);讲完(几课),看完(几节)。 6.足敷,足以抵补[补偿];(用保险办法)保护;出大牌压倒(对方)。 7.【商业】补进(预先卖出的商品)。 8.【宗教】恕宥。 9.〔美国〕采访(新闻、报导会议情形等)。 10.掩没。 11.(与雌的)交配。 cover the table 铺桌布和摆餐具(准备开饭)。 Pray be covered. 请戴好帽子。 The troops covered the country. 军队遍布国内。 cover the landing [retreat] of an army 掩护军队登陆[退却]。 His studies covered a wide field. 他的研究涉及广大范围。 The rules cover all cases. 那规则普遍适用。 He once covered a mile in three minutes. 他有一次在三分钟内跑了一英里。 My income barely covers my expenses. 我的收入刚刚够用。 be covered with 盖满,覆满(灰尘等),落满(苍蝇等),充满(恐慌、羞耻等)。 cover in 用屋顶遮盖;用土填洞等。 cover into the Treasury 〔美国〕解交国库。 cover oneself with 蒙受,获得(He covered himself with glory. 享受荣誉)。 cover over 遮遍,完全封蔽。 cover shorts [short sales] (交易所)补进空头股数。 cover up 1. 蒙盖;隐蔽。 2. 包庇(某人);为某人打掩护。 vi. 1.展延。 2.代替 (for)。 3.(拳击中)掩护脸部。 n. 1.覆盖物,盖子,套子,罩子,(书的)封面,壳子;(车辆的)外胎。 2.隐蔽,遮蔽;假托,借口,假装。 3.掩护物〔森林、凹地等〕;(禽兽)隐藏处。 4.(一份)餐具。 5.【商业】担保,保证金。 6.【板球】后卫场所;【网球】防守范围;【乒乓】触球。 a dinner of 50 covers 供五十个人食用的一次正餐。 C-s were laid for five. 预备了五份饭菜。 be under cover 是秘密的,在隐蔽处。 break cover 由隐藏处跳出[飞出]。 draw a cover 把(猎物)由树丛中赶出。 from cover to cover 从头到尾〔指书籍〕。 provide cover for 给…打掩护。 take cover 【军事】利用[凭]掩护物;隐蔽。 under separate cover 另函包寄。 under (the) cover of 躲在…之下;在…掩护下;趁着(夜色等);借…为口实。 under cover to 附在…信中。 under the same cover 在同一包[封]中,附在信中。
  • "cover for"中文翻译    代替; 负责或承担(他人的义务或工作); 掩护
  • "cover in"中文翻译    封盖; 用泥土填; 遮盖住
  • "cover with"中文翻译    用...覆盖
  • "body"中文翻译    n. 1.身体,体躯,肉体;尸首;躯干,【林业】立木。 2.本体,主体;主力;本文,正文;部分。 3.(衣服的)上身部;女胸衣。 4.队,群,一团;团体,机关,机构。 5.〔口语〕人〔常用以构成复合词,如 anybody〕; (犯人、继承人等的)身份。 6.物体,(液)体;实质;(酒等的)密度,浓度。 7.车身;船身;【航空】机身;(陶器等的)素胚;(乐器等的)共鸣部分;布身,布的厚薄软硬;【数学】立体;【天文学】天体;【印刷】铅字身。 the human body 人体。 cremate the body 将尸体火化。 the body of a tree 树的主干。 a regular body正多面体。 a solid [liquid, gaseous] body 固[液,气]体。 the body of the population 人口的主要成分。 a body of cavalry 一队骑兵。 the body of the book 本文。 the student body学生会。 a diplomatic body 外交团。 a body of words 一组单词。 a good sort of body好人。 an heir of the body 直系继承人。 a body of facts 一大堆事实。 heavenly bodies 天体。 wine of good [full] body 醇厚的葡萄酒。 body corporate 法人团体。 body and soul 整个,全心全意 (work night and day, body and soul 日以继夜、全心全意地工作)。 body crash tactics (日本在第二次世界大战中以敢死飞机冲击军舰的)肉弹战术。 body of Christ 圣餐面包。 body politic 国家。 give body to 使…具体化,实现;使有形体。 heir of one's body 直系继承人。 in a body 全体,整个 (resign in a body 总辞职)。 in body 亲身,自行。 in the body 生动;活着,神志清醒。 keep body and soul together 勉强维持生活,苟延残喘。 the main body 【军事】主力部队。 the whole body 全身;全体。 vt. (bodied) 1.赋与…以形体。 2.使具体化,体现;实现;刻划;使呈现于心中 (forth)。 Imaginations bodies forth the forms of things unknown 想像力使未知事物的形像呈现于心中。
  • "body at t"中文翻译    床身设计
  • "in a body"中文翻译    一起,全体
  • "in body"中文翻译    亲自
  • "in the body"中文翻译    活着
  • "the body"中文翻译    古尸魔咒; 身体; 圣经密码战; 正文部分
  • "advance from cover to cover"中文翻译    逐次前进
  • "cover layer (cover lay)"中文翻译    覆盖层
  • "cover screw fixture cover"中文翻译    愈合帽
  • "cover-to-cover translation"中文翻译    全译本
  • "from cover to cover"中文翻译    从头至尾
  • "open cover or off cover"中文翻译    预约保险合同
  • "read from cover to cover"中文翻译    从头看到底, 一页不漏地读完
  • With an intact body covering has feathers from head to tail ,
  • Long tapering body covered with overlapping scales , measures 50 - 80 cm long and weighs 2 - 5 kgs
  • The main professional body covering the music industry . features publication and membership details
  • Tokyo metro and the publishers had initially agreed to display a censored 2 version of the cover photo with the pop star ' s body covered from the elbow down
  • Of a powerful build , a wild yak may weigh more than 1 , 000 kilogrammes with its whole body covered by long dark brown hair
  • It uses liquid battery , speech recognition , flexible touch screen , touch sensitive body cover which lets it understand and adjust to the environment
  • For example , in the uk there are six independent pay review bodies covering professional groups who are not allowed , or at least not expected to resort to industrial action i
  • For example , in the uk there are six independent pay review bodies covering professional groups who are not allowed , or at least not expected to resort to industrial action i
  • Being a timid fellow , he wants to be the big brother . thus , he had his body covered in tattoos to enhance his status . bb and sharks are alike
  • The selected statutory bodies covered by the research are : kowloon - canton railway corporation , airport authority , mass transit railway corporation limited , and hong kong science and technology parks corporation
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