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cultivation of the mind 中文是什么意思

用"cultivation of the mind"造句"cultivation of the mind"怎么读
  • 精神调摄
  • 摄神
  • "cultivation"中文翻译    n. 1.耕种,耕作;中耕;开垦;造林;栽培;(细菌等的 ...
  • "mind"中文翻译    n. 1.心,精神 (opp. body); 心力,知, ...
  • "cultivation"中文翻译    n. 1.耕种,耕作;中耕;开垦;造林;栽培;(细菌等的)培养;(鱼等的)养殖。 2.教养,研究,修养;优雅,高尚。 intensive [extensive] cultivation 集约[粗放]耕作。 bring (waste land) under cultivation 开垦(荒地)。 land under cultivation 耕地。
  • "be of a mind"中文翻译    意见一致
  • "in mind"中文翻译    心里想着某人或某事
  • "mind"中文翻译    n. 1.心,精神 (opp. body); 心力,知,智力,智慧 (opp. heart)。 2.愿望,目的;意向,意志,决心;见解,意见。 3.记忆,记性,记忆力;回想。 4.心胸,头脑;人。 5.【宗教】追思弥撒;【基督教】〔M-〕上帝;神道。 Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it. 世上无难事,只怕有心人。 a frame [state] of mind (一种)心境,心情;精神状态。 the Greek mind 希腊精神。 the public mind 公众意见,舆论。 Out of sight, out of mind. 眼不见,心不想;离久情疏。 a turn [cast] of mind 心地,癖性,脾气。 It has gone [passed] out of my mind. 这事我已经记不起了。 I awoke to my full mind. 我醒过来了[神志清醒了]。 a scientific mind 科学头脑。 the great mind(s) of the time 当代有才智的人(们)。 the master mind 卓绝伟才。 absence of mind 心不在焉。 after one's mind 合…的心意。 a month's mind 人死后一月举行的追思弥撒;〔英国〕爱好。 apply [bend] the mind to 专心…,把精神灌注在…,一心一意…。 bear [have, keep] in mind 记住,记在心里(Bear what I say in mind. 别忘记我的话)。 be in two [several] minds 犹豫不决,三心两意,心里摇动 (about)。 be of a [one] mind 意见一致,抱同样的看法。 be of your mind 同你意见一致。 blow one's mind 〔美俚〕经历迷幻感,极度刺激。 bring [call] to one's mind 想起。 change [alter] one's mind 改变想法[主意],变卦。 come to [into] one's mind 想起。 dawn on one's mind 开始明白。 disclose [say, speak, tell] one's mind 直率表明意见,说明心事。 give (sb.) a bit [piece] of one's mind 直率说给(某人)听,当面责骂。 give one's (whole) mind to 一心一意地…,专心…。 go out of one's mind 被忘却;发狂。 have a great [good] mind to 非常想…,极有意…。 have a mind of one's own 自有定见。 have a mind to (do) 想,有意。 have half a mind to (do) 有几分想…。 have in mind 记住;考虑;想,打算,企图。 have no [little] mind to (do) 一点儿也[简直]不想…。 have (something) (up) on one's mind 把…挂在心上,担心着,惦念着。 in [to] my mind 我以为…,我认为…。 in sound [one's right] mind 精神无异状,神志清醒( He cannot be in his right mind. 他一定是疯了)。 keep an open mind 不抱成见;虚心。 keep [have, set] one's mindon 注意,留意;专心。 keep one's own mind 有决断;自有主意。 let (sb.) know one's mind 不客气地对人提意见。 lose one's mind 发狂。 make up one's mind 决心 (to do)。 of a [one, the same] mind 意见一致;看法相同。 of sound mind 神志清醒。 off one's mind 丢开不再想;忘怀,置诸脑后(That is off my mind. 那我已经忘了)。 one's mind's eye = the mind's eye. open one's mind to 告诉意见[心思]给…。 out of one's mind 在发疯;忘记。 pass [go] out of mind 被忘却。 presence of mind 沉着,镇定。 put [keep] sb. in mind of 使(某人)想起…;提醒某人。 read another's mind 看出别人的心思。 rush upon one's mind 突然想起。 set one's mind at rest [ease] 安心。 set one's mind upon 专心于。 speak one's mind out 把心里话说出来。 take one's mind off 丢开不再想。 tell sb. one's mind 把心意告诉给某人;坦率对某人提意见。 the mind's eye 心眼,想像。 time out of mind 太古时代;从太古。 to one's mind 个人认为;合意。 turn one's mind to 注意。 weigh on one's mind 挂在心上;担心。 uppermost in one's mind 在某人头脑里占第一位,成为某人注意的中心。 with ... in mind 把…搁在心上。 vt. 1.注意,留心,当心;〔命令〕留心。 2.照应,照料。 3.〔否定、疑问、条件句〕对…不高兴,反对。 4.〔苏格兰语〕〔古语〕记着。 5.〔罕用语〕使想起。 M- your own business. 别管闲事。 M- your head. 当心你的头。 M- your eye! 〔俚语〕当心! 留神!M- what you are about. 当心点;别胡闹呀。 M- you come early. 记住一定早点来呀。 M- what I tell you. 记住我的话。 Never mind (about) the expense! 花多花少请你别在意。 Never mind him! 别管他。 I should not mind a glass of beer. 有一杯啤酒喝也好〔真想喝〕。 M- you'll slip! 当心!别滑倒啦。 I don't mind a bit. 我一点也不在意。 vi. 1.注意,留心,当心。 2.反对,不高兴。 3.挂在心上,记住,牵挂,担心。 Never mind! 不要紧!没什么!I don't mind (doing sth.), but I do mind (...ing). 我不在乎[不计较]…,我就怕…。 if you don't mind ... 要是你不反对,要是你不介意。 mind one's P's and Q's 言行谨慎,谨言慎行。 mind out! 〔俚语〕当心! 让开!mind that... 留心…,一定…。 mind you 你听着〔表示让步或提出条件的插句〕 (But I have no objection, mind you. 不过,你听着,我并不反对)。 Would [do] you mind (doing sth.)? …可以吗? 你不反对…么?对不起,请你…(Would you mind shutting the door? 对不起,请你把门关上好吗?)。
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  • "s mind"中文翻译    罪犯心理矫治
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  • "blind cultivation"中文翻译    出苗前松土
  • Natural abilities can almost compensate for the want of every kind of cultivation , but no cultivation of the mind can make up for the want of natural abilities
  • However , it is still an irrefutable fact that the self - cultivation of the mind and morality lesson has not been going well for a long time . though there are reasons in many aspects , the reason of the course itself is undoubtedly the key
  • As one of the most important parts of moral education , the lesson in self - cultivation of the mind and morality is the main source to help college students build their right philosophy of life and value . it plays an indispensable role in the growth period of university students and has far - reaching influence not only on their four years life in the college but also on their whole life
  • Just under such background , in this paper , i ' ll take the lesson in self - cultivation of the mind and morality in universities as the object to be studied . first , i will discuss the reason for the current situation , the needs of the students , the problems they have , and also the root . next , the shortage of the present lesson is analyzed and the good experience abroad is introduced
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