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dimensional graph 中文是什么意思

用"dimensional graph"造句"dimensional graph"怎么读
  • 因次曲线
  • The research on the relation of three - dimensional graph cognition ability and graphics result
  • Explain the three - dimensional graph of the types of prophetic predictions . make sure everyone knows one example of each
  • And it opens up the access for developing three - dimensional white board by which teachers and learners can design their three - dimensional graph and revolve , move
  • In recent years , autocad software has been generally used in drawing two - dimensional graphs in the design of traffic engineering structures such as ship and bridge
  • However , two - dimensional graphs can not reflect the three - dimensional effect of the traffic engineering structures , which makes the design of traffic engineering structures have some drawbacks both in aesthetics and in practice
  • The fifth , it has presented that the opengl technique may extend the three - dimensional methods of show . it has summarized of the features , functions , working flow , drawing flow , output process of three - dimensional graph and the setting of illumination and material in opengl
  • Based on vc and opengl software platform , as a part of integrate planar mechanism analysis and simulation cai , the mechanism theory has been adopted to analysis the movement trace and profile of linkage ; adopt oriented object method to capsulate the class module . each corresponding class module complete parameter storage and process ; adopt message - map , message - trigger to organize the programming and response the user " s input ; use the document - view structure of the visual vc + + mfc class foundation as the basis of the programming architecture to complete those functions . use oriented object method to product the following class module : control class , render class , document class , mechanism class and other classes ; adopt opengl library to draw the three dimensional graph based on the result of mechanism analysis ; use model transforming , lighting , material , color , frame - buffer , display - list , graphics - component combine etc to draw the three - dimension mechanism and make the simulation of linkage has high reality
    本文叙述了平面连杆机构运动分析和可视化仿真的理论算法及其编程实现方法,基于微机vc平台,采用opengl图形库编程,利用面向对象的方法对机构进行功能封装,利用vc + +的文档视结构作为最基本的窗架,生成并控制三维绘制类、文档类、主窗口类和一些辅助类,利用windows平台的消息映射、事件驱动来组织程序运行和响应用户反馈,利用机构分析得出坐标数据驱动opengl库绘制三维机构图形。
  • But due to the difficulties of the theoretical calculation and the limitation of the technique of image display , only some two - dimensional graphs of electromagnetic field of a planar set of point charges or symmetrically and uniformly charged bodies , which ignores the boundary effect , are introduced in the present electromagnetics teaching materials , which brings much incovenience for the acquaintance of the electrostatic field
  • Analyse the tooth geometry of klingelnberg cyclo - palloid spiral bevel gear . , according to the relative position and kinematic relation of the cutter heads , virtual crown gear and the processed wheel blank , established the system of coordinates of the gear cutting , dedcuced the tooth face equation of the virtual crown gear , according to relations of the gear cutting and space theory of engagement , deduced the tooth face equation of klingelnberg cyclo - palloid spiral bevel gear , and drawing the three - dimensional graphs of the virutal crown gear and klingelnberg cyclo - palloid spiral bevel gear according to the design and setting parameters
  • For the special case one of original equations contains only two unknowns , these two variables can be sampled firstly , and then introduced into the other two 3 - variable equations . the real solutions obtained are spread along the cylindrical contour curve , so that a two dimensional graph which is easy to observe is generated . the corresponding spatial points of intersection are found through the points of intersection of the two curves in this graph
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