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dimensional precision 中文是什么意思

用"dimensional precision"造句"dimensional precision"怎么读
  • 尺寸简图
  • 尺寸精度
  • Impact of chlorine dioxide disinfectant spray on the dimensional precision of alginate impressions
  • Tolerance distribution and measures of microband dimensional precision ahout the internals of microband box
  • We are developing our steel fitting - use hardware centered on zinc alloy die casting , which produces outstanding dimensional precision
  • The effects of abs resin shrinkage during prototyping on dimensional precision of workpiece and the method of control and compensation over shrinkage have been studied theoretically and experimentally
  • Moreover , in order to pursue dimensional precision and shorten the time required for grinding , we make the surface roughness of the electro - discharge and nc direct carving processes as small as possible , and apply this technique to the light guide plates , etc . , for which mirror polishing is required
  • With prestressed rolling mill of the middle steelworks of taiyuan iron and steel limited group company as the researched object , this article analyze the existent questions and research the initial stress of prestressed rolling mill and computer control system , analyze the design thought of prestressed rolling mill and clarify the relationship between the dimensional precision of rolled material and the rigidity of base of rolling mill and the main method to increase the rigidity of base of rolling mill , analyze how to confirm the rigidity , sectional area of handle and post , and pretightening force , put forward the viewpoint that the key to assure great rigidity is to assure that the remnant initial stress is always positive during rolling , and develop intelligent control system with plc as the core on the basis of the former research to assure that the remnant initial stress is always positive during rolling
  • A superalloy double helix integrated impeller with good performances of dimensional precision , microstructure and mechanics was rapidly manufactured by hpdm ( hybrid plasma deposition & milling ) method proposed by author ' s , laboratory , which synthesized plasma deposition as an additive technology , and milling as a subtractive technique during the processing
  • In this thesis , the basic aspects about forming process and mould for cold precision rotary forging of common bevel gear are studied with method of theory and experiment . the rules and numerical relations of dimensional precision relaying among common bevel gear part , die cavity and tool electrode are established . meanwhile , the design and calculation methods for process parameters , mould , common bevel gear forging and preform and tool electrode are established
  • Compared with the existing rp methods using high energy density beams , the hpdm method solved the key problems of insufficient dimensional precision and surface quality caused by the step effect and no - supporting , and puts forward a new way to directly manufacture the difficult - to - machining materials parts with short - routine , low - cost and high quality
  • Rapid prototyping manufacturing ( rpm ) and rapid tooling ( rt ) can rapidly fabricate complicated prototypes and various mould & dies of higher dimensional precision and better surface roughness respectively . with those technologies , the objective of rapid product development ( rpd ) can be achieved consequently
    快速成型技术( rpm )与快速模具制造技术( rt )能分别用来快速制造具有复杂形状的原型及具有高尺寸精度和低表面粗糙度的各类工模具,因而利用这两种技术能实现快速产品开发的目的。
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