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due and payable中文是什么意思

用"due and payable"造句"due and payable"怎么读"due and payable" in a sentence
  • 到期应付
  • "due"中文翻译    adj. 1.(债款等)当付的,应该付给的;(票据等)到 ...
  • "payable"中文翻译    adj. 1. 可付的;(到期)应支付的。 2.(矿山等 ...
  • "long term payable due within one year"中文翻译    一年内到期长期应付款
  • "payable"中文翻译    adj. 1. 可付的;(到期)应支付的。 2.(矿山等)有利的,有开采价值的。 bills payable 应付票据。 payable three days after sight 见票后三日照付。 payable at sight 见票即付。 payable on demand 随到随付。 adv. -ably 可获利地。
  • "be due"中文翻译    (车、船、飞机等按时刻表)应抵达的; 到期的; 到期限
  • "be due to"中文翻译    是由于; 由于,因此; 由于,因为
  • "due"中文翻译    adj. 1.(债款等)当付的,应该付给的;(票据等)到期(的),满期(的)。 2.(车、船等按时间)应到达的;预期的,约定的〔只用作表语〕。 3.应有的;应做的;正当的,当然的;适当的,充分的;正式;照例。 4.应给与的,应归与的;起因于…,由于 (to)。 the due date (票据等的)付款日,满期日。 The bill is due on the 1st inst. 这张支票本月一号到期。 We're due out! 我们该走了! He's about due. 他快来了。 When is the train due 火车什么时候到? a due margin for delay 给意外延误留下足够的时间。 after [upon] due consideration 经过充分考虑后。 protection due to their children 应该给与孩子们的保护。 due process (of law), due course of law 正当法律手续。 be due to 1. 由于 (The delay is due to the shortage of hands. 事情耽搁下来是由于人手不足)。 2. 应给,应归 (The credit is due to you. 荣誉[功劳]应该归你)。 3. 预定 (He is due to speak tonight. 他预定今晚演说)。 4. 应做的 (It is due to him to say so. 他这样说是应该的)。 5. 应付给的,欠的(Ten dollars is due to you. 欠你十元)。 become due =fall due. due bill 〔美国〕借据,借约。 due from 应收。 fall due (票据)到期,满期。 in due course 及时地;到一定时候,到适当时候。 in due form 正式,照例。 in due time 到时候就,在适当时候。 with due ceremony 照正式仪式。 with due regard [respect] to [for] 在给予…以应有尊重的情况下。 adv. (罗盘指针,方向等)正(南、北等)。 a due north wind 正北风。 The wind is due east. 风是正东风。 n. 1.应得物,正当报酬,当然权利,应得权益。 2.〔常 pl.〕 应付款;税;费用;手续费;租费;会费。 give him more than his due 给与他的过分多了,给与他的超过了他应得的。 harbour dues 入港费。 light dues 灯塔费。 club dues 俱乐部会费。 by [of] due 〔古、诗〕当然。 for a full due 【航海】十分,完全;永久。 give sb. his due 公平看待某人。 give the devil his due 公平对待自己不喜欢的人。
  • "due in"中文翻译    待收; 数据到达计算部门的时刻; 预定的,应到的,火车到站
  • "due to"中文翻译    因为,由于……而起; 因为…引起; 因为,由于;应归于; 应归功于; 由于, 应归于; 由于因为; 由于,应归于; 由于,因为;向…的应付款; 由于;取决于; 由于;应归于
  • "due-in"中文翻译    待收
  • "acceptance payable"中文翻译    应付承兑汇票; 应付承兑票据; 应付承竞票据
  • "account of payable"中文翻译    应付账款
  • "account payable"中文翻译    应付款; 应付帐款; 应付帐目; 应付账,应付未付款; 应付账户; 应付账款; 应收帐,应付未付帐
  • "accounts payable"中文翻译    [receivable] 应付[应收]账。
  • "accrue payable"中文翻译    应付款
  • "accrued payable"中文翻译    应计未付项目; 应计应付款项; 应计应付帐目
  • "amount payable"中文翻译    应付金额; 应付款额
  • "annuities payable"中文翻译    应付年金
  • "annuity payable"中文翻译    应付年金
  • "average payable"中文翻译    可补偿的海损
  • "benefit payable"中文翻译    应付养恤金
  • "bill payable"中文翻译    应付票据; 应付帐; 应付账款
  • "bills payable"中文翻译    应付汇票; 应付票据
  • "bond payable"中文翻译    应付债券
  • "bonds payable"中文翻译    应付工资债; 应付债券,发行债券公司的一个负债帐户。
  • The entire sum remaining unpaid shall become immediately due and payable
    遗留未支付的全部款额立即到期支付? 。
  • When attorneys ' services conclude , all unpaid charges shall become immediately due and payable
  • The sub - contractor shall be liable for the payment of such taxes in the p . r . of china or wherever they become due and payable
  • If the customer fails to pay any sum due and payable hereunder , the bank may appoint debt collection agencies to collect the same
  • Section 75 of the inland revenue ordinance states that " tax due and payable under this ordinance shall be recoverable as a civil debt due to the government "
    根据税务条例第75 1条,到期须缴付的税款,可作为欠政府的民事债项予以追讨。
  • Either party may terminate the account at any time by notice to the other in writing . upon termination , all amounts owing shall become immediately due and payable
  • Monthly lease payments are due and payable & on the 1st day of each and every month commencing on the first full month after delivery of the leased equipment
  • I undertake to pay to amtd financial planning ltd . all the premiums relating to my insurance coverage under the insurance policy when they become due and payable
  • Section 75 ( 1 ) of the inland revenue ordinance states that " tax due and payable under this ordinance shall be recoverable as a civil debt due to the government "
    根据《税务条例》第75 ( 1 )条,到期须缴付的税款,可作为欠政府的民事债项予以追讨。
  • 1 unless otherwise stated in the order , the final payment shall become due and payable to the company 30 days after the date of the invoice issued upon completion of the specified services
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