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house keeping 中文是什么意思

用"house keeping"造句"house keeping"怎么读
  • 看家酶
  • 内务工作
  • "house"中文翻译    n. (pl. houses ) 1.房屋,住宅;住家; ...
  • "keeping"中文翻译    n. 1.保持,保有,保留;〔pl.〕保留物。 2.管理 ...
  • "house keeping enzyme"中文翻译    管家酶
  • "house keeping gene"中文翻译    管家基因
  • "house keeping money"中文翻译    家用钱
  • "house keeping promoter"中文翻译    管家启动子
  • "house keeping protein"中文翻译    管家蛋白
  • "house keeping software"中文翻译    内务软件
  • "house-keeping page"中文翻译    内务处理页面
  • "house-keeping run"中文翻译    内务处理操作
  • "be in keeping with"中文翻译    适合, 合适
  • "in keeping with"中文翻译    和一致; 与一致
  • "keeping"中文翻译    n. 1.保持,保有,保留;〔pl.〕保留物。 2.管理,看守,保管。 3.供养,饲养。 4.一致;协调。 This stamp is worth (the) keeping. 这枚邮票值得保存。 in safe keeping 保管得好。 The papers are in my keeping. 文件由我在保管。 the keeping of one's family 抚养全家。 loose keeping 散放饲养。 in keeping with 和…一致,与…协调。 out of keeping with 和…不一致,与…不协调。 adj. 1.适于贮藏的。 2.坚贞的。 keeping apples 耐贮藏的苹果。 a keeping husband 忠实的丈夫。
  • "a house"中文翻译    家室; 一栋房子; 一所房子; 一座殿宇
  • "house"中文翻译    n. 豪斯〔姓氏〕。 n. (pl. houses ) 1.房屋,住宅;住家;一家,一户。 2.家,家庭;家务。 3.家族;王朝。 4.建筑物,馆;商号,社,所,机构;〔美国〕旅馆;戏院。 5.〔集合词〕观众,听众;演出的场次。 6.(英国式大学)宿舍;全体寄宿生。 7.房间,室。 8.(牲畜、家禽等的)栏,房,棚;(仪器)罩。 9.(大学等的)校董会(会议);宗教团体;修道院。 10.〔the H-〕议会;议院〔特指下院〕;〔集合词〕议员。 11.〔口语〕伦敦证券交易所。 12.(牛津大学的)基督学院 (Christ Church College)。 13.〔英俚〕救贫院。 An Englishman's house is his castle. 〔谚语〕英国人的家是他的堡垒,非请不得擅入。 Burn not your house to rid it of the mouse. 〔谚语〕不要为了驱鼠而焚烧房屋;勿因小失大。 the house of David 大卫王室。 Johnson H- 〔英国〕=〔美国〕the Johnson house 约翰逊宅。 a business house商店。 H- Full=Full H- 【戏剧】客满。 a hash house〔美国〕小饭馆。 a rogue house〔口语〕监牢。 The house rose to its feet. 全场起立。 The second house starts at 9. 第二场9时开演。 thin house 观众稀少。 the White H- 〔美国〕白宫。 Name not a halter [rope] in his house that hanged himself. 〔谚语〕房里有人吊死,千万别提绳子。 as safe as houses [a house]十分安全。 be in possession of the H- 在议会中发言。 bow down in the H- of Rimmon 为妥协以达到一致行动而牺牲自己的原则〔源出《圣经》《列王纪》〕。 bring down the house 博得满场喝采。 bring the house about one's ears 在家中成为众矢之的。 (burn) like a house on fire 燃烧得又快又猛。 carry the house 博得满场喝采。 clean house 1. 打扫房屋。 2. 内部清洗 (=houseclean)。 count the house 计算出席人数。 eat sb. out of house and home 把某人吃穷。 enter the H- 当选为议员。 from house to house 挨家挨户。 give sb. a lot of house 〔美俚〕给某人很多鼓励。 houseand home 家〔加强语气的说法〕。 house of assignation 妓院。 H- of Burgesses 〔美国〕州众议院。 house of call 1. 职业介绍所,待雇所。 2. 常去的场所〔如酒店等〕。 house of cards 小孩子用纸牌搭成的房子;不牢靠的计划。 H- of Commons 〔英国〕众议院,下院。 house of correction 教养院,改造所。 H- of Delegates 〔美国〕州参议院。 house of detention 拘留所。 house of God 教堂。 houseof ill fame 妓院。 H- of Lords 〔英国〕贵族院,上院。 houseof refuge 难民收容所;养育院。 H- of Representatives 〔美国〕众议院。 iron house 〔美俚〕监牢。 keep a good house 待客周到。 keep house 料理家务;当家。 keep house with 和…同住。 keep open house [doors, table] 好客,随时欢迎来客。 keep the [one's] house 待在家中不外出。 make [keep] a H- (英下院)使出席议员达法定人数40人。 make sb. free of one's house 让某人自由使用自己的房子。 move house 搬家。 on the house 〔美俚〕主人开销的,免费的。 play house “做家家”〔儿童假装大人做家务〕。 public house 1. 公共会堂。 2. 〔英国〕酒馆。 put [set] one's house in order 整理家务;进行必要的改革。 the big house 〔美俚〕(州或联邦的)监狱。 the dark house 〔委婉语〕坟墓。 the half-way house 1. 两市镇间的客店。 2. 妥协。 the house that Jack built 1. 〔戏谑语〕重复的故事。 2. 〔俚语〕监狱。 the narrow house 坟墓。 the pudding house 〔俚语〕胃,肚子。 the semidetached house 与别家共一道墙的独立住宅。 the third house 〔美国〕“第三院”,国会外的实力派,院外活动集团。 vt. 1.供给…房子住[用];收容,接待,留宿。 2.覆蔽,庇护。 3.收藏。 4.【建筑】嵌入;【航海】安置(炮台);收好(桅木)。 5.给(机器、齿轮)装外罩。 houseone's books 收藏书籍。 vi. 1.住。 2.躲藏 (up) 到达安全处所。
  • "in house"中文翻译    内部的; 室内的; 指将诸如分销商
  • "in the house"中文翻译    在屋子里
  • "in-house"中文翻译    adj. 由本机构内部产生的,机构内部的。
  • "it′s on the house"中文翻译    我忙的不可开交
  • "on the house"中文翻译    由店家出钱, 由酒馆老板付钱, 免费地
  • "the house"中文翻译    应该是指议会; 尤其是下议院; 御品大厦
  • "and journal keeping"中文翻译    情感与记日记,36
  • "archives keeping"中文翻译    档案保管
  • "book-keeping"中文翻译    簿记。
  • "cost keeping"中文翻译    成本核算
  • They may have worked as food and beverage purchasing agents, cashiers, inspectors in the house keeping department .
  • Keeps good house keeping in each production unit and handle with all waste material in accordance with ehs regulations strictly
  • Ensure suppliers develop robust control plans , continuous improvement programs , training schemes and house keeping practices in line with ts 16949 standards
  • But in most rural area of our country , especially in the north , rural houses keep in the original and behind state , which is not standard , saving - energy , safe , protecting - environment
  • Clinic is located at the first floor in hotel , who can supply medical service for you . house keeping has first box , if you have any trouble , please contact with housekeeping
  • Personality : neraphim cannot afford to be as inconsistent as the plane they inhibit and the game they hunt ? only stern discipline within each neraph house keeps its members from succumbing to poverty and starvation
  • I always felt very comfortable playing the role of a traditional wife ? cooking , house keeping , assisting my husband in his business , caring for him and his family , and standing by him whenever he needed me
    我从来都觉得当传统式地妻子挺自在? ?做个饭,收拾个房子,帮着丈夫干点活,照顾他和他地家人,在他需要我地时候站在他背后。
  • Assessors for domestic helpers are graduates of post - secondary schools or above with at least 5 years of training or assessment experience in home economics or house keeping service e . g . accommodation management
  • Assessors for domestic helpers are graduates of post - secondary schools or above with at least 5 years of training or assessment experience in home economics or house keeping service ( e . g . accommodation management )
  • Anticipate and meet guests ' expectation and service , maintain and apply constant courtesy , proper communication and co - ordination when attending to guest . personal discipline and house keeping principle to ensure
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