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in a snap 中文是什么意思

用"in a snap"造句"in a snap"怎么读
  • 立刻, 马上
  • "snap"中文翻译    vt. (snapped; snapping ) 1.猛 ...
  • "snap"中文翻译     SNAP = 1.systems for nuclear auxiliary power 核辅助动力系统。 2.subsystem for nuclear auxiliary power (原子)核温差电池,核热电池,核热电堆。 vt. (snapped; snapping ) 1.猛地咬住;猛扑。 2.突然折断。 3.砰地关上(盖子等) (down)。 4.使(鞭子等)劈拍地响;弹击。 5.〔口语〕急速拍摄;急速射击;急速投掷[传球]。 6.厉声说,吆喝着说 (out)。 7.〔美国〕突然伸出。 vi. 1.抢夺,抓住;猛地咬住,猛扑;连声应承住 (at),突然折断。 2.劈拍地[砰地、格达地]响;(门)咔哒一声关上。 3.突然发亮〔指眼睛,因忿怒而闪亮〕。 4.谩骂 (at)。 snap a pistol 咔哒一声扳动手枪的扳机。 He was snapped falling off his horse. 他正摔下马的时候给照下相来了。 The bolt snapped into its place. 门闩咔哒一声扣上了。 The door snapped to. 门咔哒一声关上了。 snap at a chance 抓住机会。 snap at an offer 抢先答应。 snap into it 〔美俚〕急忙开始[干起来]。 snap one's fingers at 用两个指头叭地一弹〔表示不关心,轻蔑〕。 snap sb. head [nose] off 怒冲冲地[鲁莽地]打断某人的话恶狠狠地回答。 snap out 〔美国〕起来精明地干;【火箭】排出,放出。 snap out of it 〔美俚〕突然摆脱某种不好的状态;变更办法;(尤指)停止抱怨而迅速振作起来。 snap short 突然折断;突然打断别人的话;喝阻。 snap to attention (兵士)急忙采取立正姿势。 snap up 咬住;突然插嘴。 snap up an offer 抢着答应。 n. 1.猛咬,猛扑。 2.拍地一下折断;砰地关上;(鞭等的)劈啪声;弹指。 3.揿钮,按扣。 【无线电】揿钮接头。 4.急促而粗暴的言语。 5.(天气的)急变;(特指)骤冷;〔口语〕【摄影】快照;【棒球】急投。 6.〔口语〕精力,元气,气力。 7.脆薄饼干。 8.【戏剧】演员的临时雇用;〔美俚〕容易的工作;容易对付的人。 a cold snap 〔美国〕骤冷。 There is no snap left in him. 他一点精力都没有了。 a style without much snap 不很生动的文章风格。 in a snap 立刻,马上。 not care a snap 毫不在乎。 not worth a snap 毫无价值,毫无用处。 with a snap 啪地一下子,突然。 adj. 一碰就锁上的(锁等);突然的;〔美俚〕容易的。 a snap lock 弹簧锁。 a snap division 临时[当场]表决。 take a snap vote 举行临时[仓猝的]表决[投票]。 a snap assignment 容易的工作。 adv. 砰[啪]地一下,突然。 S-! went an oar. 咔嚓一声,折断了一支桨。
  • "snap at"中文翻译    急促地说; 抓, 咬, 厉声说
  • "snap into it"中文翻译    迅速地干起来, 打起精神干
  • "snap-in"中文翻译    嵌入式管理单元; 咬接模块; 智能卡读取器; 子网路存取协定
  • "with a snap"中文翻译    啪地一下子, 突然
  • "air snap"中文翻译    气动卡规
  • "auto snap"中文翻译    自动捕捉
  • "bar snap"中文翻译    屈伸上
  • "brandy snap"中文翻译    白兰地酒小脆饼; 脆糖饼
  • "brandy-snap"中文翻译    (带酒味的)白兰地姜饼。
  • "cell snap"中文翻译    电池子母扣
  • "chest snap"中文翻译    胸带钩
  • "clinch,snap"中文翻译    压铆
  • "cold snap"中文翻译    乍冷,骤冷。
  • "dome snap"中文翻译    圆盖爪, 圆钮
  • "exploding snap"中文翻译    爆炸牌; 爆炸泡泡
  • "front snap"中文翻译    前沉槽
  • "ginger snap"中文翻译    ginger snap = gingernut.
  • "grid and snap"中文翻译    栅格与捕捉
  • "harness snap"中文翻译    背带系统弹扣
  • "leg snap"中文翻译    抱腿转移; 裆带钩
  • "mag snap"中文翻译    磁钮
  • "magnetic snap"中文翻译    磁扣
  • "mint snap"中文翻译    薄荷饼
  • Create photo albums in a snap with powerpoint 2000
    使用powerpoint 2000快速建立相簿
  • They ' ve been established over years , so they can ' t change in a snap
  • Wow , you finished that project in a snap ! i ' m impressed with your work
  • We ' ll be back in a snap
  • Columnist andrew glover shows you this month , they re a handy alternative to data binding frameworks when you need consumable markup in a snap
  • Facial studio : an integrated suite of modeling and animation tools that help animators create superior character heads and faces in a snap
    整合建模和动画功能的头部制作软件,帮助动画师以“闪电”般的速度制作出角色头部及面部表情。最新版本为1 . 5
  • But your newly acquired knowledge of groovysql will let you knock out this application in a snap , leaving you with time to add in extra features if you so desire
  • In september , prime minister junichiro koizumi shattered the political forces opposed to deeper economic reform by winning a landslide victory in a snap general election
  • All you need to do is figure out the required queries and map the results to a builder instance - and in a snap you ve got your xml document representing the contents of your dictionary database
  • Police today ( february 18 ) charged four men aged 17 to 21 with three counts of robbery . they were found on board a taxi in a snap check in sha tau kok at about 1 . 30 am yesterday ( february 17 ) during which two knives , a pistol - like - object , a crossbow and eight arrows were seized
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