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keep in with 中文是什么意思

用"keep in with"造句"keep in with"怎么读
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  • "keep"中文翻译    vt. (kept ) 1.拿着,保持;保存,保留;保管 ...
  • "keep"中文翻译    vt. (kept ) 1.拿着,保持;保存,保留;保管,把守(门等);保守(秘密等)。 2.保护,防护,防守。 3.履行;遵守。 4.庆祝,过(节),过(年),举行(仪式)。 5.抚养;雇用。 6.饲养。 7.备有,经售。 8.经营,开设,管理。 9.继续沿着…走。 10.整理,料理。 11.记住;记载,记入。 12.挽留,留住;拘留。 13.使…保持着(某种状态)〔用此义时在受词后加补语〕。 14.制止,防止,妨碍;隐瞒。 15.留在(房屋等)内;保持在(座位等)上不动。 keep a stick in one's hand 手里拿着一根棍子。 You may keep the magazine as your own. 你把那本杂志当作自己的东西留下来好啦(不必还)。 The bank keeps money for people. 银行替人保管存款。 keep a fortress [town] against the enemy 防守要塞[城市]抵御敌人。 Who keeps the goal 谁守球门? keep a promise 守约。 keep the rules 守规则。 keep early hours 早睡早起。 keep late hours 晚睡晚起。 keep a secret 守秘密。 keep one's word 履行诺言;说话算话。 keep one's birthday 做生日,祝寿。 keep Chinese New Year 过春节。 have a wife and family to keep要养家。 keep chickens 养鸡。 keepa motorcar 自备汽车。 Do you keep postcards here 你们这里有明信片吗? keep a school 办学校。 keep (a) shop 开店。 keep the middle of the road 一直沿着路中间前进。 keep house 管理家务。 keep a fact in mind 心里记住一件事。 keep accounts [books] 记账。 keep a diary 记日记。 What keeps him here, I wonder 我不知道他待在这里干什么? I won't keep you long. 我不会耽搁你很久。 keep sb. in custody 扣留某人。 keep a razor sharp 使剃刀经常锋利。 Cold bath keeps me in good health. 冷水浴使我健康。 keep the window open 把窗子开着。 keep the tears from one's eyes 忍住眼泪。 He keeps nothing from me. 他什么事都不瞒我。 keep a child away from the fire 让孩子离火远一点。 keep sb. from hurting himself 提防某人受伤。 Illness kept me from coming yesterday. 我昨天因病没有来。 keep one's bed 卧床不起。 keep the house 足不出户。 vi. 1.继续,保持,维持。 2.〔口语〕逗留;住在;呆。 3.〔口语〕(店等)开着,(学校)上课。 4.继续不断〔用此义时常接动词 -ing〕。 5.(食物等)保持不坏。 6.拖,搁。 7.保持某种路线[方向、活动]。 K- dry! 切勿受潮。 K- silent! 别作声,保持肃静。 Where do you keep? 〔尤指剑桥大学〕你住在哪里? School keeps till four o'clock. 学校上课到四点钟。 K- smiling. 别悲观,常常笑笑吧。 The baby kept crying all night. 婴儿哭了一夜。 These fish will keep overnight. 这些鱼过夜不会坏。 The matter will keep until tomorrow. 问题拖到明天再讲。 Traffic keeps to the right. 车辆等靠右边走。 keep check on 检查,监督。 keep a firm [tight] hand [rein] on sb. 紧紧地控制某人。 keep at 1. 纠缠 (They kept at me with their appeals for subscriptions. 他们硬要我捐款)。 2. 坚持地做。 keep at it 〔口语〕使劲,加油干。 keep away 不挨近,避开,离开。 keep back 1. 退缩。 2. 隐瞒。 3. 阻止。 4. 留住。 keep bad [good] company 跟坏[好]人交往。 keep dark 保守秘密,不泄密。 keep down 1. 压住;镇压,压服。 2. 【印刷】用小活字排印。 3. 缩减。 4. 保留(食物等)。 5. 一直坐着,一直睡着。 keep from 1. 避开(keep from talking 避而不谈)。 2. 禁止(keep sb. from smoking 禁止某人抽烟)。 3. 隐瞒(keep sth. (back) from sb. 对某人隐瞒某事)。 4. 抑制(He couldn't keep from crying. 他禁不住哭了)。 keep hold of 抓住不放。 keep in 1. 扣留,下课后罚学生留校。 2. 压住,控制。 3. 【印刷】排紧。 4. 让(火)烧着。 5. 闭门不出。 keep in with sb. 与某人友好相处。 keep it up 〔口语〕加紧做;坚持做下去。 keep off 1. 防止,不让接近,避开(敌人等)。 2. 不接近(K- off the grass. (牌告)勿踏草地)。 keep on 1. 穿[戴]着不脱。 2. 继续 (doing) (keep on blowing one's nose 一直在擤鼻子)。 ★ on ... -ing 表示动作的反复。 keep...-ing 表示状态的继续。 keep on at 1. 继续干。 2. 纠缠。 3. 责骂不休。 keep one's bones green 不衰老。 keep one's head 不激动,保持冷静。 keep oneself to oneself 不与人往来,不交际,离群索居。 keep out 1. 把…关在门外,不使入内 (Danger. K- out. 危险。切勿入内)。 2. 阻止,挡住 (keep out sunlight 遮住阳光)。 3. 【印刷】疏排。 4. 不参加,不卷入。 keep out of 置身于…之外(= out of sb.'s affair 不过问某人的事)。 keep sb. shady 〔美口〕蒙蔽某人,不让某人了解事实真相。 keep sb. underfoot 控制某人。 keep to 坚持,遵守,不违背(K- to every promise you have made. 一切诺言都必须坚守不渝。 K- to your task till you've finished. 坚持工作,直到做完为止)。 keep sb. advised [conversant, posted] on sth. 使某人了解某事。 keep sb. busy 不让某人闲着。 keep sb. going 1. 用金钱帮助某人。 2. 维持某人生活。 keep sb. going in sth. 供给某人以某物。 keep to oneself 1.vi. 不交际,不与人往来。 2.vt. 保守秘密。 keep under 压住,控制(The firemen managed to keep the fire under. 火势总算被救火员控制住了)。 keep up 1. 支持,维持;保持。 2. 继续,持续;停歇。 3. 不为(病等)所屈,能支持。 4. 【印刷】用大写正体排印。 keep up with [on] 跟上(人、时势等),不落后 (keep up with the situation 跟上形势)。 n. 1.保持,保养;管理。 2.生活资料,衣食;饲料。 3.【历史】中世纪城堡的最牢固的部分,城堡的高楼;堡垒;要塞,坚固据点。 4.监牢,监狱。 be worth one's keep值得保存[饲养]。 earn one's keep挣生活费。 the castle keep城堡的高楼。 for keeps 〔口语〕 1. 分胜负(play for keeps 有输赢的游戏)。 2. 〔口语〕永远地(settle the controversy for keeps 一劳永逸地解决这一纠纷。 The fight is on for keeps. 斗争永远不断。 You may have the book for keeps. 这本书你拿去好了,不必归还)。 in bad [low] keep 保存得不好。 in good [high] keep 保存得好。
  • "keep at"中文翻译    坚持, 纠缠
  • "keep in"中文翻译    抑制, 隐瞒, 隐藏, 继续燃烧
  • "keep on"中文翻译    不断地(干); 继续, 穿着...不脱; 继续进行
  • "keep on at"中文翻译    纠缠, 使烦恼
  • "keep to"中文翻译    坚持某种习惯,遵循,靠(左右)
  • "keep-in"中文翻译    排紧
  • "s-keep"中文翻译    长野美香
  • "the keep"中文翻译    魔鬼战士堡
  • "keep it up, keep it up, keep it"中文翻译    继续努力,再接再厉继续努力,再接再厉继续
  • "keep it secret,keep it safe"中文翻译    对它保密,妥善保管
  • "keep to oneself; keep aloof"中文翻译    落落寡交
  • "banes keep"中文翻译    巴恩城堡
  • "bar keep"中文翻译    〔美国〕酒店主;酒吧服务员。
  • "book-keep"中文翻译    薄记; 分门别类有系统地记录; 有系统地分门别类记录
  • "brightwater keep"中文翻译    亮水城
  • "bverrit keep"中文翻译    碧维力之堡
  • "castle keep"中文翻译    城堡要塞; 基堡八勇士
  • "clip and keep"中文翻译    剪贴(为了保存)
  • "did not keep"中文翻译    未恪守,未守约
  • "durnholde keep"中文翻译    德恩霍尔德城堡; 敦霍尔德城堡
  • "hall keep"中文翻译    城堡的大庭
  • "hall-keep"中文翻译    城堡的大庭
  • "worldstone keep"中文翻译    世界之石要塞
  • Have you noticed how he tries to keep in with the boss ?
  • Have you noticed how he tries to keep in with the boss
  • We must keep in with our customers
  • The calculating results of nonlinear finite element method kept in with those from tests
  • In wartime people who before were always ready to accuse the butcher of giving short weight went to great lengths to keep in with him
  • But as soon as it grew dusk in the evening , i chang d my course , and steer d directly south and by east , bending my course a little toward the east , that i might keep in with the shoar ; and having a fair fresh gale of wind , and a smooth quiet sea , i made such sail that i believe by the next day at three a clock in the afternoon , when i first made the land , i could not be less than 150 miles south of sallee ; quite beyond the emperor of morocco s dominions , or indeed of any other king thereabouts , for we saw no people
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