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  1. Alex's cooking classes featured many tempting entrees, from a roasted sea bass with crawfish to a rack of lamb with lavender honey.
  2. There are three steps to cooking the loin, a cut you can get by asking your butcher to debone a rack of lamb to obtain the loin.
  3. The team managed to get a few more tables of entrees out, but then Michael brought up the garnishes for a rack of lamb far too early.
  4. "They wanted to serve a rack of lamb for $ 16, and then complained that the food cost was too high, " he said.
  5. Waldy Malouf of Beacon knows his customers love the way caul fat leaves a rack of lamb juicy, as well as crisp and golden brown on the outside.
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  7. Q . How can scientists determine the temperature of planets or stars when I can't even tell when a rack of lamb is done in my own oven?
  8. A rack of lamb cooked in the Thermador CJ was perfectly done inside but tasted more steamed than roasted, and its crumb and mustard crust was not sufficiently browned.
  9. Beyond the always-available basic steak and chicken are entrees such as rack of lamb provencial, duck a l'orange, coquilles Saint-Jacques and pad Thai.
  10. "Anyone who's cooked a rack of lamb can cook a rack of venison, " insists Richard Lindamood, chef at Buckhead Beef, which sells fresh Cervena venison from New Zealand.
  11. Except in Boston's Back Bay : There, Jenatton says, his clients want classic coq au vin or a rack of lamb, " and they tell us, don't garnish ."
  12. The menu is old-fashioned, too, with appetizers like " Oysters Diamond Jim Brady " ( baked with tomato and creme fraiche ) and entrees such as rack of lamb and T-bone steak.
  13. Results are sometimes uneven, but certain dishes at this tiny restaurant, like a fillet of sea bass wrapped in phyllo and baked with cherry tomatoes and herbs, or a rack of lamb cooked to pink perfection, are impeccable.
  14. The makers of these ovens _ which combine microwave technology with other heating systems _ boast that a rack of lamb will be done in as little as 7 minutes, and a perfect crisp-skinned roast chicken in only 20.
  15. The main problem faced by the team was Brendan's weak performance on the meat station, as he struggled to give the other chefs correct times, and ended up holding up the kitchen for fifteen minutes while waiting for a rack of lamb to cook.
  16. I thought the wine list leaned a little too heavily to French selections-- odd in such an acclaimed wine region-- but we did find a nice Garretson syrah from the eastern stretch of Highway 46 to go with the veal and a rack of lamb.
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