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  1. A new line of articulating surgical tools for laparoscopy allows full mobility and tactile feedback inside the abdominal cavity without the cost and set - up time of robotic surgical systems
  2. Method : the effects of portulaca extracts towards normal rats on the function of macrophage cell in abdominal cavity , the formation of hemolysin and hemolysis void and transformation of hemolysis void were observed
  3. Materials and methods materials healthy male sprague - da . wly rats were used in these studies , anesthesia was produced with 3 % barbital sodium injected into the abdominal cavity according to 1 ml / kg
    材料与方法1材料取雄性健康sd大鼠39只,随机分为13组,每组3只。于伤后5min - 7d将大鼠断颈处死,于伤口边缘处取全层皮肤组织。
  4. Then , on october 31 , 1926 , houdini died from peritonitis ( inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity ) caused from a stomach injury , bringing the story of harry houdini and the beautiful beatrice to a sad and sudden end
  5. There is also a tendency , however , to accumulate " visceral " fat - - fat within the abdominal cavity - - and this fat seems to be really bad for us , because it promotes the progressive loss of our ability to respond to nutrients coming in from the stomach
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  7. Under the conditions of sds - page , it depolymerized into only one subunit of 28 kd , which reveal that the subunit of purified ferritin of pea is undivided 4 . preparation of antiserum of pea ferritin the purified pea ferritin was mixed with freund ' s complete adjuvant or freund ' s incomplete adjuvant , and then administered through palmula , back , abdominal cavity , vena auricularis and other routes for rabbits . seven weeks later , the litre of antiserum reached 1 i 32
    4 、免疫家兔制备豌豆铁蛋白抗血清民二功寻咬径b一仑一以纯化的豌豆铁蛋白作为抗原,并分别加入弗氏完全佐剂和弗氏不完全佐剂等兔疫家兔,经过足掌、背部皮下、腹腔和耳静脉等途径进行免疫, 7周后获得效价高达1 : 32以上的豌豆铁蛋白抗血清。
  8. Methods : in the first part , we survived and cultured m4g3 hybridoma in vitro . after two weeks of injecting hybridoma into mouse abdominal cavity , we collected abundant ascites . at the same time , 4 strains of breast cancer cells had been growing in vitro , digested and collected for immunocytochemistry and western blotting with m4g3 ascites
    方法:第一部分:复苏m4g3杂交瘤细胞,体外培养,小鼠腹腔注射,进行单克隆抗体的大量制备;复苏t47d等四种乳腺癌细胞,体外培养,爬片,应用m4g3进行免疫细胞化学实验;四种细胞收集,应用m4g3进行western - blot染色。
  9. Relax the belt after a meal , will enable pressing to drop in the abdominal cavity , in this way the function of support to alimentary canal will be weakened , and activity degree of digestive organs and load of the ligament will increase soon , it is apt to cause the gastroptosis , the disease of digestive system such as being uncomfortable of upper abdomen appears
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