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  • 购买能力
  • ability:    n. 能,能力,本领,技能;〔pl. ...
  • buy:    vt. 1.买,购 (opp. se ...
  • buy in:    补购; 补进:平仓、对冲或关闭一个空 ...


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  1. At the same time , their actual happiness seems to be motivated less by their ability to buy more than by being able to keep up with those with comparable resources in their own age group
  2. Just as luther criticised indulgences , critics of offsetting argue that the ability to buy retrospective forgiveness for sins of emission is no substitute for not sinning in the first place
  3. The teacher reaches and still has no ability to buy a one ' s own building at present , but she will make great efforts to create a happy study space for student , teacher reach can give you issue one academic diploma either , but she is it design teaching pay attention to professional lines and actual combat nature to carry out , this will be that you enter the stepping - stone to success of designing the trade , the teacher has no age to reach host of professors command , but came from designing to a gleam of design experts and serving you in the whole country
  4. The benefits of implementing mortgage - backed securitization to the economic development of our country are as follows : firstly , it improves the management of banks , impetus the augment of the mortgage loan scale , helps inhabitants to raise their ability to buy house and upgrade the consume structure . secondly , it helps to cultivate a new development area based on real estate . thirdly , it helps to develop the capital market and optimize the market structure


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