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  1. With engineer Tommy T鋑tgren, the band recorded the EP " Teach Children to Worship Satan " at The Abyss Studio B ( featuring the new song " An Apprentice of Satan " and cover-versions of Slayer, Immortal, and Cannibal Corpse for the No Mercy Festivals.
  2. In September 2002, the band recorded their second album " Mind Revolution ", again in the Abyss Studio with new drummer Joakim Jonsson . " Mind Revolution " was released in 2003 and showed the band's style evolving and branching off into different musical genres.
  3. Together they released two albums : Lost In Shadows Grey & Parody Of The Mass . Parody Of The Mass being recorded at Abyss Studios in Sweden by Mikael Hedlund from Hypocrisy, especially created interest for Morgul within the underground and soon the media mentioned them to be THE hidden treasure within the black metal scene.
  4. The group's choice of producers, engineers and mixers has also been varied; Swedish extreme metal figures Dan Swan?( Unisound ), Peter T鋑tgren ( Abyss Studios ) and Fredrik Nordstr鰉 ( Studio Fredman ), German producers Andy Classen ( Asphyx, Samael percussionist / keyboardist ) have all contributed to production on the band's albums.
  5. "Follow the Reaper " was recorded and mixed at Peter T鋑tgren's Abyss studio in Sweden, instead of the Finnish Astia-studio from Anssi Kippo, in which they had recorded all of their previous releases, including the demos from IneartheD . On this album, Children of Bodom used D standard tuning ( D, G, C, F, A, D ), which was also used on " Hatebreeder ".
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