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  1. One newspaper account noted : " No one in the minors hit the ball harder [ in 1921 ] than Fothergill ."
  2. Historical accounts note that at the end of the Roman Empire, some Britons colonized the Loire estuary, and later, the peninsula containing Gu閞ande.
  3. One account noted : " Pennsy is said to have delegated three players to watch him, the heavyweight center played a star game throughout.
  4. In August 1889, newspaper accounts noted : " Pete Conway will be backed by the brotherhood in a suit against the Pittsburg club this fall.
  5. Most news accounts noted the moment for its flash of emotion in an otherwise tedious session ( " I'm getting a little angry about this,"
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  7. Other accounts note that nearly all residents of the area suffered some losses as well as having their homes and outbuildings used as field hospitals.
  8. The author of the 1581 Herber account notes that one might well have made a full year's market out of the booty found in Christman's cave.
  9. The account notes that Wallace was the joint originator of the theory of natural selection, and summarises the discovery of the Wallace line in some detail.
  10. At the time, a newspaper account noted : " The lodge itself is a charming place, and the surroundings of lake and forest attractive and restful.
  11. The official account noted a " great plenty " but one journal keeper said it was enough only to feed all the crew for a single day.
  12. The blocked account noted above only had 28 article edits, which includes creating only 3 film articles .-- contribs ) 23 : 32, 23 March 2009 ( UTC)
  13. Several historical accounts note Oshwald's body was strangely well preserved both shortly after death and even in the 1920s when the body was transferred to the hillside crypt.
  14. Several accounts note Muhammad's companions as executioners, Ali and Al-Zubayr in particular, and that each clan of the Aws was also charged with killing a group of Qurayza men.
  15. Some accounts of Sherman's speech do not mention that he said " war is hell ", but many accounts note that a vague variation, like the one quoted, was spoken.
  16. News accounts noted his flubbed speech lines and raised questions about his willingness to debate, his plan for a huge tax cut and his party's efforts to run harsh attack advertisements.
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