1. www . state . ak . us / adfg/
  2. Alaska Department of Fish and Game : http : / / www . state . ak . us / adfg
  3. In September 2015, ADFG officially opened the landmark commercial and residential investment project in Montenegro, The Capital Plaza.
  4. Alaska Fish and Game Department : http : / / www . state . ak . us / adfg / adfghome . htm
  5. Founded in 2011, the ADFG is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with offices in Dubai, Eastern Europe, and London.
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  7. Board of Game : http : / / www . state . ak . us / adfg / boards / gameinfo / boghome . htm
  8. The ADFG has also undertaken a bear education campaign, including sending employees door to door to discourage Anchorage residents from leaving food and garbage out.
  9. Abu Dhabi Financial Group ( ADFG ) acquired 68.84 % of Northacre, which they own via Spadille Limited, a Jersey registered investment vehicle.
  10. The ADFG and the Friends of McNeil River have fought to keep the area closed to hunting and offer yearly ID books to help viewers identify each bear.
  11. A year later, in 2012, ADFG launched the listed private equity fund Qannas Investment Limited through a flotation on London Stock Exchange s Alternative Investment Market.
  12. The collaboration between ADFG and Etihad was not the first; in September 2015, Integrated Capital also participated in the $ 700 million note issued by Etihad.
  13. In November 2016, ADFG completed the acquisition of a 48.36 per cent stake in Dubai-based financial services firm Shuaa Capital from Dubai Group.
  14. During field work in summer 2010, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game ( ADFG ) determined the Prince of Wales Island wolf population has recently declined sharply.
  15. Northacre has submitted plans to redevelop New Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Police headquarters, which was bought by ADFG in December 2014 for ?70 million, into luxury apartments.
  16. With strong links to financial institutions and alternative lenders, including ADFG itself, the platforms have access to capital that can be structured to specific corporate or project circumstances.
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