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  1. On the reformation of administrative examination and approval system - and the legalization of government control
  2. Discussion about several problems in the reform of administrative examination and approval system in our country
  3. Administrative examination and approval system reformation and construction of conducting mechanism of government
  4. Arguments on the problems in the reform of the administrative examination and approval systems and countermeasures
  5. The design principles of the e - government network of jincheng city ' s administrative examination and approval center
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  7. The reforms on the administrative examination and approval system are carried out in our country
  8. Domestic investment : three administrative examination and approval authorities such as industrial and commercialbureau will do all the service work
  9. Presently , many countries in the world have made reformation on the administrative examination and approval system , by which the efficiency of public management and quality of service has been enhanced
  10. In this article the important part is the way how to change the government ' s function , how to reform the administrative examination and approval system , and how to establish the government performance measurement
  11. Hereby , this article explores into them and offers a number of initial suggestions that are expected to be beneficial to the contemporary reformation of the administrative examination and approbation
  12. " permission law of the prc " the official promulgation and implementation china marked the reform of the system of administrative examination and approval has formally entered the track of the rule of law
  13. The governments at different levels adopted a series of reformatory measures and reduced the number of items for administrative examination and approbation . however , some new questions and phenomenon have appeared along the procedure of reformation
  14. There are much more problems in administrative examination and approbation in china , such as the sundry authorities , the work confinement out of control , the vague standard of measurement , the unperfected work procedure , charge in too many names , the supervision system in disorder
  15. The government ' s management idea reinventing , functional positioning while pushing into the administrative examination and approval system reform , how to deal with the relation between government and market , government and society , government and enterprise correctly are to be setting forth
  16. The administrative examination and approval system is an important means by which administrative organs make use of administrative power to interfere the political , economic and cultural life in order to solve the “ market failure ” problem in the market economy and lead the society develop healthily and continuously
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