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  1. After graduating from the Aerospace Research Pilot School in September 1965, Duke stayed on as an instructor teaching control systems and flying in the F-101 Voodoo, F-104 Starfighter, and T-33 Shooting Star aircraft.
  2. He served as Assistant to the Commandant at the USAF Experimental Flight Test Pilot School from November 1961 to September 1962 and then attended the Aerospace Research Pilot School, from which he graduated in 1963.
  3. He is a graduate of the Aerospace Research Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, California, and was one of the third group of astronauts assigned to the USAF Manned Orbiting Laboratory ( MOL ) program.
  4. Upon completion of Air Command and Staff College in 1965, Herres joined the Air University staff to instruct in weapons employment planning until entering training at the Aerospace Research Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, California.
  5. Afterwards he was assigned to the Aerospace Research Pilot School, Edwards Air Force Base, California, first as a student and then as a staff director, training test pilots and astronauts for U . S . aviation and space programs.
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  7. He flew a Bell X-1A at more than 2-1 / 2 times the speed of sound in 1953, and later commanded the Air Force Aerospace Research Pilots School, which graduated nearly half the astronauts who served in the Gemini, Mercury and Apollo programs.
  8. *1971  Lockheed NF-104A Starfighter, 56-0756, c / n 183-1044, assigned to Aerospace Research Pilot School, Edwards AFB, California, suffers second rocket explosion this date, blowing the whole rocket motor and part of rudder off in flight at 35.000 ft and Mach 1.15.
  9. He graduated from the U . S . Air Force Test Pilot School in class 60C, Aerospace Research Pilot School ( ARPS ) Class III, and MOL . In 1965, he was selected as one of the first astronauts to the Air Force's classified Manned Orbital Laboratory.
  10. The F-4 also supported a biomedical monitoring program involving 1, 000 flights by NASA Flight Research Center aerospace research pilots and students of the USAF Aerospace Research Pilot School flying high-performance aircraft . The pilots were instrumented to record accurate and reliable data of electrocardiogram, respiration rate and normal acceleration.
  11. Following graduation, McDivitt went to Edwards Air Force Base, California, as a student test pilot in June 1959 . He remained there with the Air Force Flight Test Center as an experimental flight test pilot, completed the Air Force Experimental Test Pilot School ( Class 59C ) and Aerospace Research Pilot School, and joined the Manned Spacecraft Operations Branch in July 1962.
  12. From August 1962 to December 1963, he attended the Experimental Test Pilot and Aerospace Research Pilot courses at the U . S . Air Force Aerospace Research Pilot School, Edwards Air Force Base, Calif . Upon graduation Campbell spent three months as a member of the first crew selected to fly a seven-day simulated lunar landing mission in the Martin Company's Apollo simulator, in Baltimore.
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