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  1. Richard Nisbett, another psychologist who had also commented at the time, later included an amplified version of his critique as part of the book " Intelligence and How to Get It : Why Schools and Cultures Count " ( 2009 ).
  2. Slightly earlier than L'Estrange's translation, there was an amplified version of the story in La Fontaine's Fables under the title " The torrent and the river " ( " Le torrent et la rivi鑢e ", VIII . 23 ).
  3. In 1975 Mark attended a concert that was put on by the Jesus music band Amplified Version, Mark began to talk with them, and they convinced Mark that for The Lighthouse Boys to continue successfully they needed to get a sound system to take with them on the road.
  4. Thus, between about ?.65 V of input, the output voltage is not a true replica or amplified version of the input, and we can see that as a " kink " in the output waveform near 0 V ( or where one transistor stops conducting and the other starts ).
  5. The " Nasiketopakhyana " text, which is embedded inside this Purana, for example exists in 18 chapters in one version and 19 chapters in another, in a form that Moriz Winternitz termed as a corrupted " insipid, amplified version " of the " beautiful old legend " of Nachiketa found in the ancient Katha Upanishad.
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  7. The encores included " I Could Have Danced All Night " from Lerner and Loewe's " My Fair Lady " and Harold Arlen's " Over the Rainbow, " and she closed with an amplified version of " Io son l'umile ancella ( I am the humble handmaid ), " the entrance aria from Cilea's " Adriana Lecouvreur ."
  8. When Halley asked Newton's opinion on the problem of planetary motions discussed earlier that year between Halley, Hooke and Wren, Newton surprised Halley by saying that he had already made the derivations some time ago; but that he could not find the papers . ( Matching accounts of this meeting come from Halley and Abraham De Moivre to whom Newton confided . ) Halley then had to wait for Newton to'find'the results, but in November 1684 Newton sent Halley an amplified version of whatever previous work Newton had done on the subject.
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