analysis of sales中文什么意思

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  • analysis:    n. (pl. -ses ) 1.分 ...
  • sale:    n. 1.卖,出卖,出售。 2.拍卖 ...
  • sales analysis:    列清单; 销售分析; 销售收入分析
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  1. Are sufficient management reports prepared regularly to provide timely information for effective management control ( e . g . analysis of sales income )
    有否为管理层提供各类的定期管理报告(如销售收入分析) ,以助有效管理公司业务?
  2. Working with reports generated by a national computer network , i perform in - depth analyses of sales results and inventory levels with a view toward6 providing the ideal merchandise mix and qualities to targeted markets7
  3. Researched the qualitative analysis of sales trend adopted some technical curves , and the quantitative analysis of sales trend by average grey exponent model , which is established in this paper
  4. At the same time , built the data warehouse system with the sale subjects as the example , built an many - dimensions database using the online analysis tool of microsoft sql sever . finally built a two linear forecasting models based on smoothing of time queue about analysis of sale trend , and verified the design analysis of this paper partly


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