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  • vi.
    谴责,责备,苛责 (on, upon)。 animadvert on sb.'s shortcomings 揭人缺点[疮疤]。n.


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  1. The new philosophical proposition implied concern on the people ' s livelihood and animadverting on the political system of autarchy
  2. The ideology of the judiciary independence has experienced a difficult development from acceptance and animadverts to advocacy
  3. Firstly , the paper see about the traditional and modern standpoint , the corresponding brand management theory and model of brand conception , and puts up simple comment and animadvert
  4. The second is misapprehension on science that looks on science in non - scientific attitude and become anti - science emotion . the third is " animadvert " on science that too unilateral and utmost
    其二,由于对科学的误解,用非科学的态度看待科迫回八项士学位论文wmasiyil ’ sllesis一学,最后转变成为反科学的情绪。
  5. On one hand , the paper animadverts on the prevailing civil legislation ; on the other hand , this chapter brings forward the demonstration countermeasure to construct the system of unjust enrichment


  1. express blame or censure or make a harshly critical remark
  2. express one''s opinion openly and without fear or hesitation; "John spoke up at the meeting"
    同义词:opine, speak up, speak out, sound off


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