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  1. Local medicinal uses include for fever, diarrhoea and as an anthelmintic . " H . congolana " has been used as arrow poison.
  2. I am trying to find reliable information on the most ancient arrow poison ever used ( maybe from chemical analasys of ancient arrows found ? ).
  3. In 1596, Sir Walter Raleigh mentioned the arrow poison in his book " Guayana ), though the poison he described possibly was not curare.
  4. The plant has been used as arrow poison . " S . eminii " is native to Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Zambia.
  5. It has been used as a monkey poison in some African countries, and as an arrow poison to aid in hunting in several parts of Asia.
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  7. The plant has been used as arrow poison . " S . thollonii " is native to Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic and Gabon.
  8. They kill their game using arrows and spears tipped in diamphotoxin, a slow-acting arrow poison produced by beetle larvae of the genus " Diamphidia ".
  9. Seeds have been applied to controll blood-glucose levels in diabetic individuals, for the treatment of mosquito bites and as an antidote against arrow poison and snake bite.
  10. The plant has been used as arrow poison . " S . welwitschii " is native to Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  11. The plant has been used as arrow poison . " S . amboensis " is native to Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Namibia.
  12. After a few days, however, in spite of every care, the captain grew weaker, and it became apparent that he was suffering from the effects of arrow poison.
  13. In 1889 and 1890 he reported about an arrow poison used in coastal areas of Kenya and Nigeria and analyzed the highly poisonous Calabar bean and " Strophanthus hispidus ".
  14. The plant has been used as arrow poison . " A oblongifolia " is native to Mozambique and South Africa and is also found in Honduras and cultivated in Pakistan.
  15. The sap of " Adenium boehmianum ", " A . obesum " contains toxic cardiac glycosides and is used as arrow poison throughout Africa for hunting large game.
  16. They say that modern attempts to " weaponize " deadly biological toxins like botulin and ricin were anticipated by aboriginal South Americans with neolithic technology who used curare and amphibian-derived toxins as arrow poisons.
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