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  1. In this shipment , as agreed , we have substituted the portion undelivered with type no . 15
  2. She would go down in the morning and hunt for work . at noon she would meet drouet as agreed and tell him
  3. As agreed we have covered the insurance on the table cloths for 110 % of the invoice value against all risks
    按照协议,我们已对这批台布按发票金额的110 %投保一切险。
  4. By signing a translation interpretation agreement or contract , you will be deemed as agreeing to above terms
  5. All the passengers , who check - in on board , are regarded as agree to the above notice before buying the tickets
  6. It's difficult to find as agreed in a sentence. 用as agreed造句挺难的
  7. Insured risks refer to the contingencies or perils covered by the insurance as agreed upon in the insurance contract
  8. For testing and confining fee charged by local psb , as agreed by you , we would keep the same as proposaled
  9. Most southerners look eagerly towards a referendum on independence in 2011 , as agreed in the peace accord
  10. As agreed in the director of administration s letter of 9 june 1999 , the council can carry a contingency reserve
  11. As agreed , the terms of payment for the above orders are letters of credit at 60 days ' sight or d / p sight draft
  12. No , we finalized on june , if you remember . as agreed i ' ll take care of extending the warranty period on the machines
  13. Should a buyer fail to take back an auction target as agreed upon , he or she shall pay the storage costs arising thereafter
  14. Regression tests need to be executed on a regular basis to validate the working of the system as agreed upon over and over again
  15. Measurements ( visual or instrumental ) should be made within a standardized time period or as agreed upon between interested parties
  16. If such transfer must have the borrower ' s consent as agreed in the syndication agreement , the borrower ' s prior consent shall be obtained
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