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  • 联系分析
  • 联想分析


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  1. H . p . zhang , c . p . tsai , c . y . yu , and g . bonney ( 2001 ) , “ tree - based linkage and association analyses of asthma , ” genetic epidemiology , 21 , s317 - 322
    薛新光( 2005 ) , “运用资料探勘于资讯产品变装较佳化组合设计之研究” ,大叶大学设计研究所硕士论文。
  2. An optimal study design , sufficient sample size and proper controls , in conjunction of modern statistic analyses , association analyses would exert its effect on studies on susceptibility of human common diseases
  3. We have made comparisons among current methods for gene mapping . most methods based on linkage analysis and association analysis considers one marker at a time and does not take into account the correlated structure of multiple linked markers
  4. To solve these problems , this thesis proposed a new model for the intrusion detection system that based on the data mining . we have discussed some key technical problems and related solutions . we apply some existing algorithms of association analysis , sequence pattern analysis , and data classification to the intrusion detection system
  5. On the other hand , a set of if - then conditional rules is induced to examine the relationships among attributes values . the non - stationary model also applies to the association analysis , which means the anomaly value of an attribute a ssumes a novel value under certain conditions depends on the last occurrence of novel value of the same attribute under same conditions
    本文还采用if - then形式的规则对所考察的多个属性进行关联分析,并对规则运用上述动态模型,即某一条件下某属性取得新值的异常值与相同条件下该属性上次取得新值以来的时间长度有关。


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