at a good price中文什么意思

发音:   用"at a good price"造句
  • 高价
  • good:    adj. (better; best ...
  • price:    n. 1.价格,价钱;市价;代价;费 ...
  • a good price:    好价格


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  1. As henry ford famously remarked " a good company makes good products , at a good price and provides good service to its customers
    正如henry ford的名言“优秀的公司生产优秀的产品,以优秀的价格向它的客户提供优秀的服务。
  2. And has improved its production equipment and technology . besides , it has set up a quality system . it pays great attention to quality and service and supplies excellent porcelain machinery at a good price
  3. It is always wise to keep in mind when you are going to las vegas , if it is the weekend of a major championship boxing match , it might be harder to find a quality room at a good price , while in the middle of summer on wednesday in july you might be offered free tickets to shows and buffets


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