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  1. In balancing valve upstream and downstream ends of the tube with a hole , used to measure the fluid through valves pressure reduction
  2. Each balancing valve shall be in the full open ( nominated ) position prior to commencing the proportional balancing of water distribution systems
  3. If a balancing valve is located downstream from a circulation pump , allow a distance of ten ( 10 ) diameters between the pump and balancing valves
  4. If a balancing valve is located downsteam from a circulation pump , allow a distance of ten ( 10 ) diameters between the pump and balancing valves
  5. Hydraulic counter - balance valve is a sort of important hydraulic components . it is widely used in modern engineering machine , especially crane
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  7. As a standard nibco bronze / brass balancing valves are made to be “ dezincification resistant , ” which is a seal of quality and longevity
  8. Generally locate the valve five pipe diameters downstream from a fitting with two diameters downstream from the balancing valve free from fittings
  9. If a balancing valve is located downstream from a circulation pump , allow a distance of ten ( 10 ) diameters between the pump and balancing valves ( as illustrated below )
    如果平衡阀位于循环泵下游的位置,则泵与平衡阀之间的距离应该是十倍的直径(如图所示) 。
  10. On the basis of all the above analysis and research , an experimental analogical device to test the balancing valve circuit of the hydraulic water gate has been firstly adopted
  11. Throughout analysis of all results and characteristics from the analog experiment , the paper firmly reaches the conclusion for stability of the balancing valve circuit
  12. It not only solves the problems of high oil returning back - pressure and complicated machining processes of original balance valve but also increases crane productivity effectively
  13. The device sends out various random disturbance signals to the balancing valve circuit of the hydraulic system for the radial head check gate operating at the worst condition by using a computer
  14. Nibco ' s new circuit balancing valves control and maintain a comfortable indoor climate while saving energy and reducing costs . these control valves ensure trouble - free operation and ease of maintenance
  15. For maximum accuracy , the flow measurement / balancing valve should be located in an unrestricted straight pipe run so that no fittings ( elbow , valve , tee , etc . ) is closer to the flow measurement / balancing valve than 5 pipe diameters upstream and 2 pipe diameter downstream
    为了实现最大的精确度,流量测量/平衡阀应该位于没有限制的直线管道上,在流量测量/平衡阀上游5倍管道直径长的距离内和下游2倍管道直径长的距离内不能有连接件(弯头,阀门,三通,等等) 。
  16. Our hydraulic control valves , silencing check valves , balance valves and adjusting valves etc . are recognized advanced products at home by specialists from shanghai construction & management commission and shanghai science & technology commission ( j . zi . no . 2001 - 6133 ) . besides , we are the editor in chief for the three standards of shanghai installation drawings for hydraulic control valves ( 2002 hu s / t104 ) , china engineering construction standard ( application and design specifications for hydraulic control valves cecs144 . 200 ) , and ( china standard for hydraulic control valves )
    水力控制阀、静音止回阀、平衡阀、调节阀等系列产品,通过上海市建委科委组织专家鉴定为国内先进产品, (鉴字2001 ? 6133号)上海市水力控制阀安装图集( 2002沪s / t104号)标准,中国工程建设标准(水力控制阀应用设计规程cecs144 . 2002 ) , (国家水力控制阀产品标准)等叁大标准由本公司主编。
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