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  1. The basic recipe has remained unchanged to the 21st century.
  2. Following is some general information about cooking the Subcontinent way and some basic recipes.
  3. The following basic recipes use simple, straighforward ingredients and can be made in minutes.
  4. The basic recipe can easily be varied with these substitutions.
  5. Here's my basic recipe, starting with cooking the eggs.
  6. It's difficult to find basic recipe in a sentence. 用basic recipe造句挺难的
  7. Add watercress, spinach or sorrel to the basic recipe, and you have something completely different.
  8. This pasta is the type of basic recipe that adapts well to interpretation and additions.
  9. The basic recipe has remained unchanged to this day.
  10. Start with the basic recipe here, then check out the variations you find most appealing.
  11. It is easy to see where the basic recipe for pumpkin pie filling came from.
  12. This basic recipe is also used for many treats and puddings, such as strawberry shortcake.
  13. Variation : For Mocha Frozen Yogurt, follow basic recipe.
  14. From the basic recipe, many local specialties have evolved.
  15. The quantities of the additions have been lost to time, but her basic recipe appears below.
  16. There are variations on this basic recipe, sometimes with no top sauce, sometimes with other vegetables.
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