blocking signal中文什么意思

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  • 闭锁信号


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  1. Or any other function that returns information in the same object , or if it always blocks signals around each use , you re safe
  2. Then it discusses the signaling system in guangzhou metro line no . 4 and points out the necessity and possibility of adopting the moving - block signaling technology for its linear motor carrying system
  3. In a start - stop teletypewriter system , the significant condition of the signal element that immediately precedes a character signal or block signal and prepares the receiving equipment for the reception of the code elements
  4. This paper describes the components and structure of advanced signaling system : automatic train control system ( atc ) , analyzes the function and classification of its three subsystems : ats , atp and ato , with emphasis on currently widely adopted atc system - quasi - moving - block signaling system , which works on coded digit track circuit , and discusses the operating principles of coded digit track circuit and the features of train control of quasi - moving - block signaling system
    信号系统是确保城市轨道交通列车运行安全及提高运营效率的关键设备。本文详细讨论了应用于城市轨道交通的先进的信号系统? ?列车运行自动控制系统( atc )的组成和结构,对其三个子系统:列车自动监控系统ats 、列车自动保护系统atp 、列车自动运行系统ato的功能和分类进行了详细分析和比较。
  5. This thesis studies the law of affecting de - noise result and the selection of the threshold and the wavelet function , the combination of wavelet and fft in the fault diagnosis of turbine - generator sets : by the de - noise anslysis of blocks and sin signals , concludes : to blocks signals , usually adopts soft threshold ; the law of affecting de - noise result is when use wavelet auto - de - noise , with the increasing of decomposed level , the de - noise result becomes worse while the level blow the 3 , when the level above 3 and when uses wavelet packet , it is the other way round ; the best de - noise methods of the signal is that uses " dbl " wavelet function , three level , soft and " rigrsure " threshold


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