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  1. With an introduction of the moving block system applied in wuhan rail transit project , the author analyzes atc operation mode which is based on moving block technique , and fallback mode , an auxiliary safety operation when fault occurs in moving block system , finally describes the failure management in the operation of the 1st phase of wuhan urt line 1
  2. Having analyzed preliminarily formation mechanism of these common characteristics of anomaly , it concludes that : these are results , controlled by basically united tectonic stress field of large - range , caused by stress - strain accumulation and certain phase strong earthquakes , according to deformation difference brought about in tectonic position along the boundary zone and within second - order faults of active blocks resulted from unstable and inharmonious features for movement of block system at different levels and deformation of boundary
  3. In order to effectively use the vacant space beside the passenger train paths in the train running diagram of mixed passenger and freight lines and draw more freight train paths to improve the carrying capacity , the essay analyzes the reasonable drawing plan for freight train paths beside single passenger train arid two passenger trains respectively on the double tracked section with automatic blocking system according to the principle of minimal additional removal time and on the basis of the calculation method of removal coefficient table
  4. In order to fulfil the requirement of metro operation , fullback modes and the relative control modes are introduced in the signaling moving block system in different occasions of failure this paper discusses the design principle of fullback control mode from the aspects of safety , reliability and usability
  5. Based on an analysis on the present situation and development of three kinds of signal systems ( the point system based on interrogator responsor , the quasi - moving block system based on digital track circuit and the moving block system based on wireless data transmission ) in urban rail transit , some suggestions on the localization of signal system of urban rail transit are put forward
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  7. Secondly , on the basis of the basic structure of the brake control system , the theory of brake task programming is studied and analyzed thoroughly . on the condition of automatic train protection , the fixed block system and moving block system the brake task programming method is brought forward
  8. In the european union , the moving blocking system has matured to the point where it is a current trend in railway systems and has also been adopted in new projects by countries such as hong kong , singapore , and france . it is our understanding that the moving blocking system would benefit the system s operation , maintenance , and even future expansion
    因此,在维持应有功能之前提下,且兼顾时程及技术可行性之下,目前各线电力遥控系统以独立各自监控所属路线之供电系统之方式运作;惟为考量未来系统扩充之可能,南港线之电力遥控系统采用开放式系统架构( pen system )方式构建。
  9. The concept and design especially block design of a signaling system directly affects both performance and safety of operation in a rapid transit system . the signaling system adopted by the taipei mrt is of a fixed blocking system design , which is also used in many other countries ; however , different system providers have their own design concepts , and incompatibility is a common problem which places restrictions on the expansion and updating of future lines . therefore , if a brand - new , standardized , more advanced design and or product is to be introduced to upgrade or expand the existing taipei mrt system , compatibility between the existing system and the new system is one of the most important issues
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