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  1. article 55 any railway worker shall have the right to stop any person who is picking quarrels and stirring up troubles on board a train causing public disorder or jeopardizing the physical being or property of other passengers; the railway security personnel may detain such person
  2. article 60 any person who, in violation of relevant provisions of this law, has carried any dangerous article into a railway station or on board a train or has consigned for shipment any dangerous article under a name of a non-dangerous article thus causing a grave accident, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with article 115 of the criminal law
  3. to be considerate, passengers with baby prams should fold them up before boarding a train or bus . this is especially important during peak hours when train compartments and buses are fully loaded with passengers . unfolded baby prams not only can cause a nuisance, they may also jeopardise the safety of other passengers
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