breech mechanism中文什么意思

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  • 闭锁机构
  • 炮闩机构
  • 锁紧机构


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  1. Success in optimizing the obturating performance of the obturator of the breech mechanism shows that the method and technology for optimal design of nonlinear multi - component structural system with contact put forward in this thesis is effective and practical . structural optimization problems that are difficult to solve through the optimization method available in the universal cae software can be accomplished by means of this method
  2. Comparison of stiffness , strength and obturating performance of the initial obturator of the breech mechanism with those of the optimized one is made , which indicates that the stress concentration that leads to fatigue failure in the optimized structure is eliminated . the flexibility of the optimized obturator of the breech mechanism is considerably increased and its obturating performance is substantially improved


    The Breech mechanism closes and seals the gun barrel's powder chamber after the projectile and powder charge are loaded.


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