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  1. And many people now buy life insurance with an annuity attached that serves as a pension.
  2. The country is realizing that people can actually buy life, and that this is unacceptable.
  3. Jiang urged all families to buy life preservers in case of new floods, Xinhua said.
  4. Conseco decided to buy Life Partners because it wants to expand sales of life insurance and annuities.
  5. Small business owners can also buy life insurance to help pay anticipated taxes if finances are tight.
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  7. You buy life insurance to protect your family against the loss of your earning power when you die.
  8. He pressured Moreno to buy life insurance for Lola Falana, a Las Vegas entertainer managed by Moreno.
  9. Insurance experts say should buy life insurance equal to five to seven times your annual take-home pay.
  10. For those who wait until age 50 to buy life insurance, the price differences are even more striking.
  11. Still, he acknowledged that Lincoln was poised to buy life and annuity companies that complement its existing business.
  12. Encouraging news for people with AIDS means bad news for financiers who buy life insurance policies from the terminally ill.
  13. LIFE-INSURE ( Los Angeles ) _ The Daily News takes a look at how to buy life insurance.
  14. A lot of people buy life insurance at this point, and yet there's still no real reason to.
  15. Regulators said Allianz encouraged customers to buy life insurance under the false belief that they were investing in retirement savings plans.
  16. It offers Quicken InsureMarket, which offers insurance quotes and tools to help users shop for and buy life insurance online.
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