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  1. A small force of 30 men on the 9th Infantry led by Brevet Major James Powell was suddenly attacked in the early morning hours by some 2, 000 Sioux Indians.
  2. The Corps of Topographical Engineers had grown by then to thirty-six officers, including six majors, four captains by brevet, six civil engineers and twenty subalterns of the line.
  3. On July 18, 1862, Frederick was appointed by brevet brigadier general of volunteers to rank from March 13, 1865, and the Senate confirmed the appointment on March 12, 1866.
  4. During 1814-1815, he served in the Spanish Floridas as an auxiliary 2nd lieutenant of the British Corps of Colonial Marines, commanded by Brevet Major Edward Nicolls of the Royal Marines.
  5. A more successful exploration of the river's upper reaches to both its sources was the 1852 expedition under Capt . Randolph Barnes Marcy, assisted by Brevet Capt . George B . McClellan.
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  7. During the American Civil War, he enlisted as a private in Company D, Fifty-fifth Regiment, Ohio Volunteers, in September 1861 and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel by brevet.
  8. On 26 January 1797 he was appointed colonel by brevet, and in 1800 to the command of an expedition against Batavia, with the rank of brigadier-general, but which was subsequently countermanded.
  9. At the end of the war, Balch was recognized for " coolness, steadiness, and courage under fire " when he was promoted by brevet ( an honorary promotion ) to Brigadier General of Volunteers.
  10. In 1867 he was appointed a Brigadier General by Brevet in the Volunteer Army of the United States, for gallant and meritorious services at the Battle of Deep Bottom, Virginia, to date from 17 August 1864.
  11. Best received the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, by brevet, 1 January 1812, and was appointed, 19 May 1812 Lieutenant-Colonel of the 8th Line Battalion K . G . L ., then in Sicily.
  12. Turning north and marching up the Quaker Road toward the Confederate line, Warren's lead brigade, commanded by Brevet Brigadier General ) Edgar M . Gregory, the Union troops ultimately forced the Confederates back to their defenses and captured an important road junction.
  13. While negotiations took place, the US Department of the Interior tasked the newly established Freedmen's Bureau, headed by Brevet Major General John Sanborn, to observe the treatment of Freedmen in Indian Territory and regulate relations as a free labor system was established.
  14. The fort was reactivated on 1 April 1868 as part of " the redeployment of a frontier military force ", by Brevet L . Col . Eugene B . Beaumont's 4th Cavalry A Company, who found the conditions of the old fort " deplorable ".
  15. For this action he was brevetted major in 1863; for his action at Jackson, Colliersville and Missionary Ridge, in the Atlanta campaign he was made lieutenant-colonel by brevet in 1864, and for gallant conduct in the march to the sea and thence through the Carolinas to Washington he was brevetted colonel in 1865.
  16. A little before returning to the country, the French government claims that the Colombian permission to send to the war in Morocco because of their skill and daring, and more being already established as a military pilot received French by Brevet days ago, a request that the Colombian government denied on the same tracks, thanks in advance for distinction.
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