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  1. The stability bearing capacity of purlin was calculated by formulas of two criterion and some design manual . some comments on the design of purlin are proposed after comparing the results , including the investigation result of this paper
  2. Amazingly , although driver helmets and overalls were stipulated by formula one racing ' s governing body , the fia , as far back as the early ’ 60s , safety belts have only been compulsory features in a formula one car since 1972
  3. The temperature stress is analyzed by formula and numerical method respectively ; and the fit temperature step is obtained . the interactions of undamaged pavement and soft clay ground , damaged pavements and soft clay ground are studied under the conditions of temperature change
  4. By formula about effective bandwidth , he get the bandwidth near 1540 nm wavelength , which is 64 . 54nm . the bandwidth is more bigger than the gain bandwidth of er - doped silica fiber and fluoride fiber amplifier ( 20nm - 30nm ) . it is useful to improve transmitted capacity of information in fiber
    对1540nm处光谱有效带宽的计算,得到结果为64 . 54nm ,这个带宽已远高于目前常用掺er硅光纤和氟化物光纤放大器的20 - 30nm增益带宽,于扩大光纤信息传输容量有很大益处。
  5. Three absolute radiometers compare with the solar irradiance absolute radiometer ( siar - 1 ) respectively on ground , and calculate the corrected coefficient of three absolute radiometers relativity to wrr respectively . seven calibrated factors are introduced , and the formula of every calibrated factor is showed , which according to the principle and the work in fact of stim . it can truly calculate corrected coefficient of every calibrated factor by formula
    在地面,通过把三台绝对辐射计分别与同世界辐射基准wrr比对过的绝对辐射计siar - 1进行了比对,分别计算出了三台绝对辐射计相对于世界辐射基准wrr的修正系数;在空间,结合太阳辐照度监测仪的工作原理及其实际工作情况,研究出了太阳辐照度监测仪星上测量七项校正因子的计算公式,通过这些公式能够准确地计算出各项校正因子的修正系数。


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