by projection中文什么意思

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  • 依照平面海图的航法


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  1. 1 . strong , lightwight : bdi gratings consist of a latticework of bearing bars and cross bars joined to each other in a fixed configuration by projection welding
  2. Keep it simple , eat your vegetables . i mean that ' s really what this comes down to . seriously , don ' t get confused by aberrant data , by projections
  3. At the same time this paper finds the improving directions , of the inefficient decision making units by projection analysis , and raises the way to increasing efficiency of equity financing
  4. Furthermore , these ics span the characteristic space of normal operating condition ( noc ) , and the changes of coefficients matrix are monitored which are obtained by projection of process variables onto the space of noc
  5. Genetic algorithm is a highly collateral , random , self - adaptive , general and globe search algorithm , which simulates biologic evolution process . in this paper , genetic algorithm is applied to optimizing the model optimum in what is evaluated by projection pursuit algorithm


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