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  1. A New York Times News Service obituary sent on Sunday, November 19 about Cal Turner Sr ., founder of the Dollar General Corp ., gave an incorrect spelling at one point for the name of the Nashville newspaper in which he was interviewed.
  2. "Don's extensive experience in the retail industry, proven ability to successfully run a rapidly growing business, and understanding of the customers we serve, are the reasons that his appointment has the enthusiastic support of the entire Dollar General management team, " said Cal Turner Jr ., chairman and chief executive.
  3. Raymond Schoenbaum, who lives in Atlanta, said he felt compelled to act earlier this year after Shoney's board _ which includes Cal Turner Jr ., chairman of the Dollar General Corp ., the retail store chain that is the largest employer in Nashville, and Dennis C . Bottorff, chairman of the First American Corp ., the town's largest bank _ refused to meet with him to discuss the company.
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