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  • 软骨细胞


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  1. D - glucosamine hydrochloride can be used to promote the synthesis of cartilage cell protein polysaccharide , to increase the viscosity of the joint synovia , to improve the metabolism of the joint cartilage , to treat rheumarthritis effectively and to prevent human body from cholesterol store so as to ensure human beings healthy and guard humaan beings against ageing
  2. Last fall , for example , researchers from the massachusetts institute of technology and the technion - israel institute of technology reported generating tissues of neural , liver and cartilage cells , as well as formation of a “ 3d vessel - like network ” on a biodegradable polymer scaffold seeded with human embryonic stem cells
  3. Results : cartilage endplate in normal control group show lots of oval cartilage cells of normal structure , little cartilage cells of denaturation and compactness and regularity of collagen arrangement , and in the model group show lots of cartilage cells of denaturation and contraction , little cartilage cells of solution , loosing and irregularity of collagens arrangement and solution of lots of collagens


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